Update on Transgender Characters
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Posted on 2020-08-23 @ 8:24 PM
Update on Transgender Characters
We've been having a lot of discussion with members of the site as well as with our moderation team. We do hear you and have taken your feedback seriously about the dated language and restrictions of the ToS and agree that in this day and age, inclusiveness is not only necessary, but essential.

We are in the process of updating our TOS to include transmasc people in the gallery so that they do not have to be posted though Extras. This change will happen as soon as our head developer, bro pushes those changes live. This should happen within the next 24 hours if not sooner.

Thank you all for your feedback and for helping this site improve to be the best it can be. :heart:

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So glad to hear this! This was the biggest thing that was making me hesitate at becoming active here, and I was hoping it was just a dated rule and that you'd be updating it. :heart:
# Posted on 2020-08-24 @ 3:30 PM
# Posted on 2020-08-24 @ 7:18 PM
this is so great to hear! thank you!
# Posted on 2020-08-24 @ 1:45 AM
Oh, great! Thank you (lyiint, broco, anyone else involved) for taking concerns seriously, and being up to changing this part of the TOS now, rather than when ygal 2.0 is ready. I'm glad the rule change and anything related is able to be changed easily enough.
# Posted on 2020-08-24 @ 1:14 AM
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