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Posted on 2022-05-18 @ 4:55 PM
Y!gallery Forum Closure
Hi everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that the Y!gallery forum (hosted at - now redirects to the main Y!g site) will be closing in 7 days; so on the 25th of May, 2022.
The forum is very seldom used, and with the site and the Discord server, I think it best we focus our moderation staff on those instead of spreading manpower too thin. It's also an unnecessary cost as it's not used often.

Note: The main Y!gallery website (where you're reading this) is going nowhere, neither is the Discord.

We're giving you a week's heads up so you can copy or download anything you need or want to from there before it closes.

Thanks everyone!

Oh! And thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We've almost reached half of our goal and I couldn't be more proud of our community ❤️

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While I 100% agree that archiving is an important task and something that should definitely be done. That's not really possible while also trying to cut unnecessary costs. The forum software we use is called Discourse, and we can absolutely make it read only, but we'd still end up having to pay for the server that runs it each month.

The reason why I personally am alright with the forum closure is due to its infrequent use. I could totally understand if it were the original Y!g forum which has been lost to time. But this version of the forum didn't have anything particularly noteworthy.
There were a total of 108 posts on the forum, 40 something of which were introductions, a couple more people asking why they couldn't log in with their own credential, etc.
The main post that we'd likely want to archive would be [icon=Stefan1984]'s post about sharing their artist archive.

That being said, I could be wrong about all this. If there's anything I'm missing then I'd be happy to hear them ^-^
# Posted on 2022-05-25 @ 9:47 AM
I have to say I agree. Most active communities even now maintain a forum, in some shape or other. This feels uncomfortably like putting all one's eggs in a single basket, especially considering how many times the site has gone down for extensive periods over the years. And while Discord may be agreeable to it now, I don't recommend trusting them on the long term. As has been adequately pointed out, it's more difficult as well to archive and preserve a Discord server if Discord end up deciding that they suddenly aren't cool with certain communities or content. I wouldn't mention it if I hadn't had that exact experience more times than I can count in my career as a mature-oriented artist and creator. Just something to keep in mind.
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y!Gallery is no place for censorship. Please have the integrity not to censor your works in order to promote Patreon or any other sales.
# Posted on 2022-05-24 @ 11:45 PM
Thank youuuu~~ ❤️❤️
# Posted on 2022-05-25 @ 9:35 AM
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