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Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 2:53 AM
Site Update
Just posting a quick update on how things are shaping up on Y!gallery since we’ve gone live.

We now have:

1622 Members
2277 Submissions
3549 Written comments
441 PMs sent
9 polls created
29,683 Keywords assigned to submissions
2145 Active sessions
3.3gb of content

As for bugs fixed:

Fixed an issue where someone else's submission thumbnail would show up instead of your own for the "next" and "previous" post links
Fixed an issue where users were logged out randomly
Added a way to view flash games/files without flash installed
Various other minor bugs ironed out

If you come across other bugs that weren't on the old site please contact bro. You can also contact him if you would like to donate to the site or advertise on the site. He’s be happy to help you :happy:

We are overwhelmed with your kindness towards all us on the staff and just how much everyone is enjoying the site. We’re very glad we were able to get the gallery up and running for you all again.

Thank you all for making a great community of the past even greater, even after all this time :heart:

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We set up a merch store btw :)
You can get to it by clicking "store, or either of the two merch store ads that are currently visible
# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 8:05 AM
I can definitely set up some merch though if people want it~
Items would probably include: the old logo, new logo, and maybe mascot.

As for donations~ it's all listed on our discord! In short, we have a ko-fi and patreon on there you can check out :)
The link to join our discord is at the top of the page in the nav bar~
# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 7:12 AM
Good :o
# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 7:12 AM
impressive start :happyhappy::love:
~ Gay Muscle Toon Goodies... with a Milky Dash of Tentacles!

# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 3:27 AM
it's truly wonderful to be back here, and missing all these great people here
# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 3:06 AM
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