New Y!social Service **UDPATE**
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Posted on 2022-11-28 @ 12:20 PM
New Y!social Service **UDPATE**
UPDATE (01 Dec 2022): Please go into your settings and press the Get new Y!social Token/Make Y!social Link again. We've added the ability for Y!g to create posts with the preview image from Y!g on the Y!social post itself. Because of the scope change on Y!social, new tokens are necessary.

Because of the implosion of twitter, we have a special surprise for everyone. We've set up a LGTBQ+ safe alternative to twitter, called Y!social (or Y!s) for everyone. You will be able to cross-post your artwork from Y!gallery to Y!social by accessing some new options in your settings on Y!gallery. You have the option to have your artwork (excluding extras) and journals cross-post automatically, or you can switch the automatic feature off and only have specific items you check cross-post. You can have the cross-posts stay in sync with the journals and submissions they're based off (this can be enabled in your Y!g settings under General Settings). This means any edits you make on your journals or submission on Y!g will show up on Y!s. You'll also be able to post your previously uploaded Y!gallery submissions to Y!social via the edit submission section on your works. Lastly - For those using extras - you'll be able to use Y!s to host the media for your extras posts using private posts, saving you from trying to find a nsfw site to host your works.

You can follow the following the tutorial to enable crossposting and syncing: FAQ 61: How to enable Y!social crossposting

Y!s is soley run and hosted by the Y!g staff and is running on the open source software Mastodon. Our content is distributed globally and is fault tolerant, ensuring the content you upload remains safe and available. Like Twitter, Y!social can be used to receive news, follow and stay in-touch with all your friends. Y!social will allow you to connect to people that post content that you enjoy consuming, or simply communicate with friends. Additionally, anyone who has content they would like to sell or market can use Y!s to increase your brand awareness.

We encourage you to check out Y!social here at ✨ ✨ or click the Y!s icon on the topbar at Y!gallery and sign up! Feel free to tell your friends and family as well. We hope that you all enjoy this new service

~Your Y!gallery Staff


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Is there any possibility of this being available for instances other than y!s? I already have a Mastodon account on another instance and don't want to make another.
# Posted on 2023-01-03 @ 2:54 AM
Unfortunately the way Mastodon works is that you do need an account on each instance you want to be able to post on there. It would be cool if logging in with other instance credentials were a thing - but that would be seen as a security risk, so they won't implement that.
You can absolutely create an account on our instance, then use the share url's from your main account, put them into the search box on Y!s and hit the "boost" (reblog looking button) on the subsequent post that shows up and you'll effectively have crossposted in a couple clicks without having to copy everything over
If you'd like more help or guidance with it you're welcome to send me a message or @ me on Discord ^-^
# Posted on 2023-01-04 @ 11:00 PM
I have a positive outlook on this!
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# Posted on 2022-11-28 @ 10:15 PM
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