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Posted on 2020-08-30 @ 4:10 PM
Extras Preview
Hello folks! :happy:

For those of you using extras, I've made a preview image that can go on the main gallery to make it easier for you to share your works. Feel free to use it or change it to suit your needs. You will be able to apply the link to your images in Extras in your artists comments. Just click the link below.


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Is the extras posting section down? When I click on Submit, only the other 3 options appear.
Nevermind, it's already fixed, I just had to add one more pic to the main gallery first.
# Posted on 2020-09-05 @ 2:53 PM
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Yes, as long as the preview image is not explicit, you are welcome to provide a cropped image on the gallery.
# Posted on 2020-08-31 @ 11:46 PM
Yes, you upload the image to the main gallery and put the link to your work in extras into the artist comments.
# Posted on 2020-08-31 @ 2:20 PM
Coool ^^
~ Gay Muscle Toon Goodies... with a Milky Dash of Tentacles!

# Posted on 2020-08-30 @ 5:14 PM
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