Non-human Penises
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Posted on 2020-11-19 @ 2:44 PM
Non-human Penises
Hello Y!gallery,

Some of you may remember that back in the day we had to ban furry art for a time because our server company considered it bestiality, which they would not allow us to have. What allowed us to be able to bring furry artwork back to the site was heavy negotiations where we were able to strike a compromise, which was rule 1f - "Visible penises may be retractable/sheathed, macro or micro, any color or double (diphallia), but must otherwise appear human."

Us mods have been in discussion about that rule, and since the server company we have now has no issues with it, we have decided to make a change to that rule as well as add a new filter so that those that do not want to see non-human penises can opt out. The new filter will be called "Non-human genitalia" and must be applied to any image where the penis is not human. Rule 1f will now read: Visible penises may be human and non-human in shape and color (diphallia is also acceptable), but all non-human penises MUST be tagged with the non-human genitalia filter.

As well as the new filter and rule change, we are also making a change to how all our filters are applied. From now on, ALL filters will be on by default. If there is something specific you wish to see, just go into your settings and uncheck the filters you want to make that specific content visible to you. This does not change the content of what is allowed on the site, it just changes how that content is handled so our members can customize their experience here on the site.

Thank you for being a part of Y!gallery as we continue to do our best to bring this old place into the 21st century. If you have any questions regarding these changes or anything else on the site, feel free to leave a comment on this announcement or ask us over on Mod Helpdesk .

Your Y!gallery staff.

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I'm just gonna say it, yay for a server system being like "eh, if people want it, they can have it. If it don't break the law then we don't care"
# Posted on 2020-11-23 @ 8:32 AM
Excellent! Thank you for doing this. I am so happy to see this happen. This is a great thing.
Please bookmark my official site :heart2: :heart3:

If you like gay-friendly roleplay, check out Wilde Adventures! Message me if you have any questions!

y!Gallery is no place for censorship. Please have the integrity not to censor your works in order to promote Patreon or any other sales.
# Posted on 2020-11-22 @ 9:25 PM
Yaaay thank you staff!
# Posted on 2020-11-22 @ 3:19 PM
Thank you kindly, staff! I'm so glad that it worked out for everybody.
# Posted on 2020-11-20 @ 3:26 AM
HUZZAH, G L O R I O U S DAY :happyhappy::happyhappy::happyhappy::love::love::love:
~ Gay Muscle Toon Goodies... with a Milky Dash of Tentacles!
# Posted on 2020-11-19 @ 10:52 PM
YEs, oh my GOD yes, I have so much more art I can post now-- thank you mods!
# Posted on 2020-11-19 @ 8:58 PM
YEAH you do.:happy:
# Posted on 2020-11-20 @ 1:53 PM
# Posted on 2020-11-19 @ 5:43 PM

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