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Table Top Role Playing Games
Do you play table top RPGS?
I'm only a PC. (one)
I'd play if I could only find a group. (one)
Fuck no! (none)
Yes, I host and am a PC. (none)
Only if I'm the DM/ST/ect. (none)
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I like ttrpgs, but I'm partial to the PbtA system because it really allows for roleplaying which is why I'd play a ttrpg.

I've played Monster of the Week and I've done DnD - I actually think DnD is way too much flipping pages back and forth and you have to hug the entire manual as a player to the point where it's annoying. Plus all that dang MATH. So I enjoyed Monster of the Week much more because it uses PbtA (which is so STREAMLINED!) and the limit was my imagination and what the DM had to say.

That said, I do collect TTRPG Guides and Manuals (hardcovers) just because. I like them for the art and the ideas and such and there are a few I'd actually want to play one day and others I'm not sure I ever would. Like I'd play Breakfast Cult because it's so cute and weird but probably not City of Mist.
# Posted on 2021-10-03 @ 1:26 PM
I collect game books as a hobby as well. Especially with World of Darkness.
# Posted on 2021-10-03 @ 5:11 PM
I often help to develop things in some of the games, but I do participate as a PC. I can be a GM, but it wears on me really fast if people take the "herding cats" approach to participating in a game. I like tabletop, I just prefer MU* RP and other text-based forms better, because there's less of that waiting in real time and it's less dependent on people being there the whole time, all the time, and immediately responding in-character. Tabletop can be demanding and exhausting.
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# Posted on 2021-09-30 @ 12:23 AM
So what series have you RP?
# Posted on 2021-09-30 @ 7:34 PM
Herding cats is a good term. I like RPs as well.
# Posted on 2021-09-30 @ 7:31 PM
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