2 Kyos - 1 Yagami Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Meanwhile while older Kyo started to tell his twisted tale, the younger one was on his way going to visit one certain redhead. He was already not in best mood, because earlier he had to deal with his disciple’s caused problems…again. So, some delinquents ‘insulted Master Kyo’s honor’ according this Yabuki, who tried to protect his mentor’s good name, but, thankfully, for showing up in good timing, this Kusanagi heir rolled his sleeves up and shown their place. Of course, one thing was knocking out these fools, but then, he felt a huge burden of being responsible for the well-being of his student.

He could swear that it was nearly the same as like taking care of younger sibling, which he didn’t asked for. It was a bother, but at same, this Kusanagi was relieved that his disciple was fine. Even when Shingo was in infirmary and when his wounds were taken care, he was giving such a honestly proud look to Kyo like it was just a scratch. For real, this Yabuki was something…However, that loyalty and his hard-work will never be enough, if he acts so recklessly and immature - this is what concerned Kyo and he wonders how make Shingo realize that. After all, he can’t protect him all the time and someday he has to fight on his own.

But for now, he need to solve his one personal issue first, which shouldn’t exist in first place. Whenever it was a consequence of Orochi’s seal being broken or not, it didn’t mattered. Now this redhead was more important and that pesky Kyo’s look-alike was the main issue here. Who knows what was his real motives or how did he got here in a first place. However, it was unfair how this fellow was living at Yagami’s place and it so upsetting for some reason.

After awhile this Kusanagi reached the door of Yagami’s house and now couple times knocks into the door. No answer. He tries again and even says in irritated tone ‘‘Hey, I know you here. Open the door already!’’. Same, no answer. What that idiot Yagami was doing? wondered this brunette. It can’t be helped that now he needs to invite himself then, because, oh hell no, like he let his look-alike mess around with this redhead as he wants.

While casually entering the living room, this Kusanagi opens his eyes and now frowns. Of course, he wasn’t glad seeing what was happening in front of him. What a hell this bastard doing to Yagami? Just how dare he? and in such a position like was about to harm him, says to himself younger Kyo. More important, his presence was ignored and unnoticed. This brunette only clenches his hands into fists. Of course, it shocked him and it somehow hurts seeing this Kusanagi doing as he likes to.

This younger brunette begins to loudly scold this redhead "What a hell, Yagami?! Drop that thing from you! You don't know where it been before. So you ain't know what kind nasty diseases it caught!", after short pause this Kyo continues ‘‘Just leave you alone for a sec and then this happens…How can you let be fooled by someone, who looks like me? Wake up already!’’. Now older Kusanagi gives him a silent and confused look.

Younger Kyo addresses his look-alike with burning rage in his eyes, while pointing his finger at him ‘‘Listen, you bastard! I don’t know what you told to that idiot or planned to do. I don’t care even if you are other me! You can’t just do as you want. However, one wrong touch or word, I won’t forgive you! If anything happens to Yagami, I’ll make sure you’ll pay for it!’’ now he widens eyes and deeply breathes.

Once the older brunette realized in what kind of position he was, he panics as he with-draws his face from Iori. Yet he remains on top of him and now indignantly replies to his look-alike ‘‘And why are you here either? I don’t need to explain anything for failed duplicate! So, why don’t you go and do something better than stare like gaping fish?’’. Of course, this redhead wasn’t really glad being ignored and listening to how this pair keep barking at each other. It was already was getting on his nerves, for the love of the-!

While younger Kyo fixes his gloves, he slowly approaches his opponent without letting down his eyes from him. Now this brunette threats ‘‘Remind me when taking advance of someone in such a way was my style? You won’t get away this time, pal.’’. Older Kusanagi smirks and mockingly replies ‘‘What’s that? Just come, you-’’, however, Iori had enough and after immediately standing up, he addresses both Kyos ‘‘Enough already!’’ now he was deeply breathing while watching over both of these brunettes, he could barely hold-back from bursting rage.

This redhead complains ‘‘What the hell is wrong with you two?! Will you ever shut up? I just want to have a quiet day for once in awhile! Is this hard to ask?’’. Younger Kusanagi widens his eyes and stay still at same spot while other one wasn’t really affected and just face-palms while resting on his knees. Older Kyo calmly replies to his rival ‘‘Don’t you think that it is your fault?’’, Iori quickly faces this brunette with same anger and silently stares at him. This Kusanagi continues ‘‘You don’t want to admit, but you can’t let go any of us. Because you care too much about other me, but also if you saw me as impostor, you’ve already have get rid-off me. However, now…You didn’t even tried pushed me away.’’.

Yagami’s gaze softens a bit when he was listening to this Kusanagi further ‘‘You know, I don’t want to say this, but the other me is not happy to share you with anyone else either.’’ of course, younger Kyo did not expected to hear such a honest speech, but the way how his look-alike starred at Iori just made him want to snap this redhead back to his senses. Heck, that bastard once again using his soft gaze and sweet words to trick this idiot. Like heck, he would just stand here and do nothing!

This younger brunette closes his eyes and now acted on pure impulse. All of sudden he rushes towards Iori and hugs him from behind. After pressing his head against this redhead’s back, he hoped that it will work. He did not wanted to lose Iori to his look-alike and now stares from behind this redhead’s back at his foe. It can't be helped, if that idiot can be so easily wrapped around anyone's finger, who so arrogantly claims to be him, or so, thought this younger Kusanagi.

That possessive gaze alone of this Kusanagi could say that he won’t give this redhead to anyone. Speaking of which, Iori panics and tries to brush off Kyo, but it wasn’t very effective. Yet this redhead still struggles ‘‘What a hell you’re doing, you stupid brat? Let me go!’’. However it seems that these arms only squeezes him harder. This brunette briefly opposes ‘‘Nope~’’. This brunette’s one hand was sliding down to Yagami’s hips while other one moved up to this redhead’s chest. However, this Kusanagi now started to attack one side of this redhead’s chest by massaging it. Of course, Iori's cheeks were dyed in light red and let out silent groans.

Being teased by his rival and watched by his look-alike was too much for this redhead. It was embarrassing! He turned his head away from this Kusanagi. However, without realizing, now his neck was perfectly exposed and Kyo used it in his advance and rests his head on Iori’s shoulder. Yagami could feel how ticklish were this brunette’s hair against his skin. Kyo just murmured in deeper tone ‘‘It’s soft.’’ while gently gropes one side of this redhead’s chest.

Certainly, this perverted fool enjoying himself upon finding one of Yagami’s weak points while other one with curiosity observes it. The younger Kusanagi keeps his serious face, while addressing his look-like in shyer tone ‘‘The heck you stare at? Have any problems with that? Then back-off, ‘cos he is mine.’’. However, this redhead managed to escape from the grasp of this brunette, but now he panics as he began to fall. The time felt it stopped at that moment. Fortunately, older Kyo acted and rolls down from couch and prevents the tragedy.

And thus, Iori landed on top of this brunette and now being wrapped around his arms. This Kusanagi delightfully smiles and says in sweeter tone ‘‘I got you now. You won’t escape from me~’’ and he coldly gazes at his look-alike ‘‘Don’t interface. Only one of us can have him and that is me, got it?’’. Surely, this younger brunette frowns and scolds the other brunette ‘‘I told you not to touch him.’’, he just kneels down and hugs Iori’s waist, continuing ‘‘I don’t know what happened between you and your Yagami, but this is mine. Nothing gonna stand in our way - neither his blood curse and it’s nature, neither my own original!’’.

There were nowhere to run now, this redhead understood that while being trapped between both Kyos. Hell, he hoped that it is just a dream and he woke up any time soon. However, younger Kusanagi speaks to Iori, even if he pressed his ear against this redhead’s back in melancholic tone ‘‘Hey, Yagami. Don’t you think I’m going to give up to future me, who might know more about you. You told me that I am the only one, who can relieve you and no one else. So, please, show me a proof then!’’, his grasping got more tight around this redhead. Definitely, this redhead was the target of these two and it seems that none of them will stop until Iori going to pick one of them. It was a hard decision to make and one of them will get hurt, but if it was a high price for his won well-being, then it can’t he helped and he knew already the answer.
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2 Kyos - 1 Yagami

Chapter 7.

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