Possessing Snake Chapter 2 - Snake

Fandom: The PowerPuff Girls (original version – 2002 designs)

Rating: Adult

Genre: Romance

Pairing(s): HIMxSnake, AcexSnake

Warnings: Slash, MxM, explicit sex, violence, rape, domestic abuse, language, Original Characters, mention of PPGZ characters (Znake, Ivy)

Summary: After getting tired of Ace's Not-Quite-Friends-With-Benefits and other abuses, Snake agrees to go on a date with his older sister's friend. The trouble is, her friend is none other than His Infernal Majesty – otherwise known as HIM. Is Snake jumping from bad to worse, and just how is Ace going to react when he finds out?

Disclaimer: The characters within this story are the creative property of Craig McCracken, with the exceptions of Belinda Ingleberry and Dr. Hitomi Ingleberry, who remain my own characters, and Znake and Ivy, who are male/female versions of the same character, and are the property of the PPGZ creators. The idea to separate them as twin siblings is my personal headcanon.

Chapter 2 – Snake – A Better Offer

Chapter-Specific Warnings: M/M, OCxHIM friendship, language, racial abuse, Headcanon, some hints of sexual assault and parental neglect.

“Ugh!” Belinda stopped and stretched her arms over her head and looked over at Snake. “Sorry, San-kun. I'm not really that tired, but you know I can't stand that perverted shit-head.”

Snake sighed, looking up at the board. The subway train that would take them out of Townsville was only about five minutes away, so didn't bother to sit on the bench. He frowned at his sister.

“Nee-ssssan...” There was no real effort to his words – they had been said several times over and would be repeated just as much. “He'ssss not sssso bad....”

“Seriously? Sanford...” She turned to face him fully. “He's so much worse! He thinks he's God's gift to anyone he wants to put his dick in and can't handle it when he meets someone who doesn't agree with him... Hang on, stay still a minute...”

Before Snake could react, his sister's face was so close to his that their noses brushed together. Her hand, soft and warm, pressed to his cheek, and her thumb brushed against the bruised flesh beneath his eye. He jerked back with a tiny hiss of discomfort, but her hand did not move away. Her brown eyes locked with his, mouth twisting into a pout of disapproval.

“And just where did you get that?” She murmured, narrowing her eyes when he looked away. “Let me guessss...Ace Copular?”

The hiss was enough to make him cringe. All four Ingleberry children had inherited their mother's forked tongue and hissing speech, with his own being as pronounced as their mother and Ivy's being the least unless she was emotional. Their father had sent them all to speech therapy to try and rid them of it. He had found that it helped him a little, especially when he was speaking in other languages, but had struggled to lose the hiss. His father had initially tried to force him into further sessions, but he had refused and pointed out that their mother's hiss hadn't hurt her career as a doctor when challenged. Father had been content enough in the greater success with Belinda, Isaac, and Ivy to overlook his hissing oldest son.

But of course, their hisses all returned when they became emotional. Isaac – or Znake, as he was calling himself – hissed when he was nervous, and Ivy hissed when she was upset. Belinda's became especially noticeable when she was angry, and nothing would guarantee her fury more than someone hurting her beloved little brother.

“Blindie-kun...” He began, using his pet name for her in the hopes it would soothe her anger, placing his hand over her own and trying to coax it away. “It wassssn't like thatssss...”

“Then what wassss it?” She snapped, refusing to budge. “You're not going to sssay it wass one of the otherssss, are you?”

For a second, Snake considered the idea of blaming the PowerPuff girls for the bruise, but dismissed the idea. Even if Belinda believed him, the truth would come out when she invariably confronted them. He shook his head, still refusing to meet her eye.

“Nosss. It wasss Accce, but itsss really not ssso badsss.”

“Not ssso bad?! Your eye'sss turning black – you're lucky it isssn't sswollen.” Her thumb ran gently across the bruised flesh. “What happened?”

Snake opened his mouth to reply, to plead with his sister to drop it when he was granted a reprieve by the arrival of their train.

“Can we notsss talk about it here, Blindie-kun?” He spoke in Japanese, causing Belinda to raise an eyebrow.

“Why not? Hardly anyone else in Townsville speaks Japanese.”

“I...don'tsss want to talk about itss in public...” he whined, turning away as the train stopped.

Belinda stared at him, clearly unhappy, but sighed and nodded.

“Ok, San-kun. But as soon as we get home, you're telling me everything.”

Snake nodded, right as the train door opened to let them on.

They talked about Belinda's exams on the journey, and how she thought she had done on them. Given that she could recall exact questions and the answers she had given with perfect clarity, Snake was fairly confident that she had passed them with flying colours.

“Kaa-san will expect nothing less than perfection though.” She grumbled, folding her arms over her suitcase and resting her chin on them. “Can't just comfortably pass when you're the daughter of the best doctor in Townsville, right?”

Snake rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Don't be sssilly, Nee-ssan.” He laughed. “You're not going to jussst get byss – our parentss couldn't be more proud of youss, studying medicccinesss.” He knocked his knee against hers playfully. “Youss make the twinsss and messs look bad, being the perfect childsss and all.”

She chuckled, returning the gesture and pressing her head against his.

“Don't say that.” She cooed. “They're proud of all of us, and they should be!”

“I don't thinksss they're proud of messss...”

“Oh, they are. You don't hear Kaa-san when she's talking about you.”

“I don'tsss hear her talkingsss at all!”

He looked away as Belinda's head whirled around to look at him. He hadn't meant to sound so bitter.

“Wh-what did you mean by that?”

“It'sss nothingsss. Forget itsss.”


“Please, Blindie-kun!” He snapped. “When we getsss home.”

He felt tears pricking his eyes, and swallowed. She watched him for a moment, but he didn't look back and she looked away. He felt her hand reach over to cover his, giving it a squeeze. He turned his hand around, lacing his fingers with hers.

“I've missssed you, Nee-ssan.” He murmured. Belinda smiled, and was about to reply when the conductor announced the next stop.

Snake reached over and took Belinda's suitcase, ignoring her protests, while keeping hold of her hand. A middle-aged man – the only other passenger in their coach - glared at them as they walked, but Snake was used to that kind of look and so paid him no mind. Out of habit, they continued their conversation in Japanese as the train started to slow.

“Has Kaa-san remembered to do the grocery shop?” Belinda asked.

“Only jussst! Lucky I'd already sstarted it online for her, or ssshe'd have been sstuck.” He giggled at the memory. “You ssshould have sseen the way sshe ran downsstairss when I assked her if sshe'd sorted it – ten more minutesss and we'd have lossst the delivery sslot.”

Belinda laughed.

“I don't get how she can be such a brilliant doctor when she's so hopeless at everything else.”

“Don't remindss messs...”

The middle-aged man, who had been looking angrier by the second, suddenly jabbed a meaty finger in their direction.

“Speak English, ya dirty Chinks!”

Oh fuck off, you sssad old twatsss!

Belinda's reaction had been instantaneous – her head whipping round to deliver the retort and returning to her brother as though nothing had happened. She tried to continue their conversation.

“So, do we need to pick anything up, or-”

“This is America! Maybe they didn't tell ya Chink cunts on the boat over here, but over here we speak English!”

This time, the siblings looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Firsssst off,” Snake leaned forwards to treat the furious man to his widest and most psychotic grin, “We're not Chinesssse, we're Japanesssse. Learn the fucking differenccce!”

Realising that his chosen targets might be the type to fight back, the man visibly deflated. But Snake, already in a bad mood after what had happened with Ace, wasn't finished. He continued in a low, angry hiss.

“Ssssecond, you might want to make sssure your own Englissssh isss fucking perfect before you ssstart attacking other people. My sssissster sssspeaksss three languagesss as well as Englisssh, I ssspeak five, you...can barely manage one! Ssso take my ssisster's adviccce, and fuck offsss!

By the time he straightened up, Snake noticed that their critic had shrank into his seat and was trying to look in any direction but theirs. The train doors opened, and Snake grabbed hold of his sister's case, leading her and it off the train.

“I wish you were in Citysville with me when I have to take the tube after a night shift.” Belinda sighed. “There's at least one of him on every train, and they've usually been watching too many porn videos...”

She waved her hand dismissively as Snake's head whirled round to look at her.

“Not like that, San-kun. As soon as I bat their hand off my ass or boob and yell in their face they back off. Japanese girls don't do that in the pornos – they cringe and wriggle and let it happen.”

“All the sssame, Nee-sssan!” Snake growled. “If I sssee sssome creep'sss hand going near you he'sss gonna lossse it!”

“Awww!” She let go of his hand and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, planting a kiss on his cheek. “My brave little brother, coming to save me!” She laughed as he squawked in protest, but his freed arm wrapped around her waist.

“I'm ok, San-kun, seriously. I can look after myself and I have friends to look out for me too.” She released him from her embrace when it became apparent that they couldn't keep walking, but left one arm over his shoulder.

“It's you I'm more worried about. I don't think you're hanging out with the right people.”

“I thoughtsss you liked the othersss.”

“I do. Billy, Arturo and...Grubber, was it? Is that really his name? They're all sweethearts – especially Billy – and they all seem to like you a lot, but are they really going to stand up to someone like Ace if he decides he wants to put his hands on you?”

Snake frowned at her, remembering the day when Arturo and Grubber had pulled him to one side and told him they knew why Ace had kept sending them on ahead so the two could be alone. He had insisted things were cool – he could handle Ace.

“They would, Blindie-kun – they told me sssso.”

He could still see the conviction in Arturo's eye and in the way he set his jaw as he had promised.

Ok, Serpiente, if you say so. But we've known him for longer than you, and we know the ideas his Papa's taught him about consent. I'm not saying he'd be able to stomach full-on rape, but I never heard him mention ever being told no before. But if you do ever say no, and he doesn't stop, well, just shout for us. If Grubber and me can't stop him, Billy will!

But his sister hadn't seen them make that promise, and the look on her face confirmed it.

“Oh, sure, they'll make a few token protests, but are they going to pull him off you if he decides he's going to take what he wants?”

“Ssserioussly, you think Accce could fight off Billy?!

Belinda still looked unconvinced, but she seemed to stop and consider.

“I suppose not.”

Snake leaned closer, tightening his hold around her waist.

“You're not the only one whosss can look after themssselvesss.”

He knew from the look on her face that she was going to ask about the black eye eventually.

She lasted all of twenty minutes, taking a sip of the earl grey tea he had just made for them.

“So, how exactly did Ace manage to black your eye?” She asked, adopting a breezy tone despite the stony look in her eyes. Snake sighed.

“I ssssaid sssomething he didn't likesss, ssso he hit mess.”

Belinda's eyes widened.

“The fucksss?!” She set her mug down. “Whatsss could you sssay that he'd hitsss you?”

Trying not to wince at her hisses, Snake stared down at his tea as he spoke.

“We were...making outssss. I knew he wanted sssex and I made a joke about how obviousss he wasss being about itsss, and he hit messs.”

The horrified look on his sister's face made him want to hide away – he knew what questions would be coming next.

“You...and Accce...” she shook her head as she spoke “you've been...having ssex with him?”


“How long?”

“Aboutss a year, I thinksss.”

“You haven't jussst dropped your sstandardss, Ssan-kun...you've fucking buried them!!”


“You didn't have ssex with him today though.” She turned to face him on the sofa they were sat on. “When he hit youss, you told him to go fuck himssself and walked away, didn't you?” She grabbed his shoulder.

“Tell me yousss walked away from him, and you're not sssat with his...hiss...sspunk inssside you!”

“Oh, that'ssss really niccce, Belinda! Really sssomething ssomeone wantss to hear from hisss sssister!”

His voice broke as he snapped at her, and tears blurred the look of shock and disgust on her face. He'd convinced himself that what had happened today was ok, but before his sister, he felt filthy and used, just like he had when Ace had walked out of the shack.


Her hands, soft and careful as they had always been, coaxed the mug from his hands and set it on the table. He started sobbing as she pulled him into her arms, clutching at her as he returned her embrace. She rocked him, making soothing noises as she stroked his hair.

“My poor little brother...” she murmured.

“I-Isss...” he paused to regain his breath. “H-he didn't forccce mess to – I wanted itss...”

“Okay,” Belinda soothed, “I believe you.”

She pulled away from him and sighed.

“But, seriously, Sanford. Ace Copular? When we lived back in Japan, if someone like him had even tried to talk to you, you'd have laughed in his face! Now he hits you for saying something that he doesn't like, and you spread your legs for him anyway!”

“It'ss...different with himss, Blindie-kun.” Snake whispered. “He'sss different, I don't knowss how to sssay it, but...Isss really likess him.”

“Well, I'll agree with you, he ssure is different to your old boyfriends.” She snorted. “None of the others would have ever raised a hand to you, regardless of what you said to them. Can't you see that, San-kun? He treats you like sshit – he even tried to get me into bed, right in front of you.”

She stopped, and looked at her brother.

“Did he hit you after I refused to sleep with him?” Snake refused to meet her eyes, his mouth opening and closing a few times before he finally spoke.

“He..Isss...He wass angry...”

“Oh, of courssse that makess it fine!” Belinda ground the heels of her palms into her eyes. “Why didn't youss tell mess, Ssanford?”

“You'd gone back to Ccityssville...”

“I wasss a phone or email awaysss, Sanford. I'd have come sstraight back, and anywayss...”

She looked up at him, eyebrow raised.

“Hasn't Kaa-san had something to say about the bruises?”

Snake bit his lower lip hard, but the tears spilled down his cheeks anyway. His sister's face fell.

“She...hasn't...yelled at you for them?”

Snake laughed. But it was a painful, bitter laugh, and so unfamiliar that Belinda shrank away from her brother, fearing he had gone mad.

“Sssshe hassssn't even noticcced them!”

He looked at his sister, and held his arms out entreatingly.

“Ssshe'sss hardly ever homesss any more, Belinda, and when sshe doess come home, ssshe either goesss ssstraight to bed or her laptop! I don't think ssshe'sss even looked at me long enoughsss to noticcce any bruisssess!”

Belinda looked horrified, but he ploughed on as though afraid to stop. He gestured behind them to the portrait-style photograph of their family: their parents seated together, and their four children surrounding them – Belinda and Snake next to their mother, and their younger siblings – twins Isaac and Ivy – on their father's side. Their father and the twins had stayed behind in Japan, and Snake focussed on them.

“Tou-sssan never calls, and he'ssss always too busssy with sssome court casse or clientsss to talk to messs.”

“Sanford...he'd kill Ace if he knew what he was doing...”

“Only becausssse it might damage the firm'ssss preciousss reputation!” Snake snapped, wiping at his eyes with his wristbands. “Obviousssly I can't talk to the twinsss about itss either – they're only thirteen!”

He opened his mouth to say more, but decided against it. For his sister, he had already said more than enough.

“You've been all alone...” her voice was hoarse, and he immediately felt guilty for blurting out all of his misery. She had enough on her plate with her medical studies as it was!

“I'm not alonesss when I'm with my friendssss...”

Accce isssn't your friendsss!

Her frustrated scream made Snake jump, squeaking as he looked up to find his sister's arms wrapped tightly around him again.

“He's not your friend, or your boyfriend, or anything other than a user, Sanford.” She pulled away to look him in the eye. “Because whatever you're doing, it isn't dating, is it?”

“Isss...I guesss not...”

She seemed pleased by that, at least. She handed him his much cooler tea back before taking a gulp of her own, silent for a moment.

“When is Kaa-san due to come home?” She asked suddenly. Taken aback, Snake paused to think for a moment.

“Ummsss...I think ssshe sssaid ssshe'd be back home for ten.” He replied. “Whyss?”

Belinda grinned.

“Fancy going out for a bit?”

It had taken some persuading, but Belinda had convinced Snake to get in the shower and changed so they could go out. She wouldn't tell him where they were going, but he noticed she had been busy on her cellphone since he'd gotten out of the shower.

He'd changed into some dark blue jeans – Belinda had snatched up his clothes and stuffed them straight into the wash basket – and a black tank top with the logo for Kamen Rider Black printed in gold across his chest. A quick rummage through a drawer revealed some red wristbands, and he retrieved his hat from the hook behind the door.

Belinda had finished her own shower as he was applying his lipstick, and after a few minutes called her brother in to help with drying her hair. When he'd finished, his sister's hair was a cascade of chestnut waves and he left her to get dressed.

She came down in a light blue, sleeveless denim dress, which hugged her slim figure like a glove. She'd put her bandanna back on, and wore nothing on her arms aside from her watch.

Apart from...

“What isss thatsss?!” Snake grabbed her arm, holding it comically close to stare at the object below her shoulder. Belinda giggled.

“Do you like it?” She stretched the skin to showcase the tattoo a little more. “The scabs have just about cleared up now.”

“Ssso cool...” Snake breathed, looking at the image of the three-headed dragon known as King Ghidorah in perfect detail. Beneath him, in gold-coloured kanji, were the words 'The King is Dead...'

“You think so?” She grinned, running her fingers down her bare arm. “I was thinking about making it into a sleeve with all of them on: Gojira, Rhodan, Mothra.”

“That'sss gonna look awesssomesss, but Kaa-sssan'sss gonna freak outsss when ssshe sseess it! I meansss, who did you getsss to sssign for yousss?”

Belinda grinned and winked, but he noticed a blush dusting her cheeks briefly.

“A friend.”

Before Snake could do more than grin back, she grabbed his arm and began pulling him towards the door.

“Come on, let's go!”

“Wh-where are wesss goingsss?”

“You'll see.”


Belinda turned to her brother, who had stopped dead in his tracks and was staring up at the sign with true horror on his face.

“What do you mean, 'no?' It's okay San-Kun – I've been here before. It's really nice.”

Snake's jaw dropped as he tried to process his grinning sister's words, looking away from the sign to her and back again. He quickly peered through the window and shuddered as he saw the familiar figure moving around inside.

“Yousss...you do knowsss who ownss thisss diner, don't you?” He hissed at her, trying to bat away the arm that was trying to grab him.

“Of course I do. He's absolutely lovely! Come on, it's my treat.”

Snake, shocked at his sister's cheery words, could only make a strange “Eeehh?!” noise as she managed to grab his wrist and drag him through the doors of the Otto-Time Diner. Before he could react, the doors had closed behind him and she was leading him towards the counter.

HIM looked up, his expression so neutral as to be blank, as they approached. But upon seeing Belinda, his black lips spread into a huge, genuine-looking smile. He briefly vanished and reappeared in front of the siblings, arms extended in welcome.

“Why, Belinda, my dear, what a wonderful surprise to see you!” He cooed. “Oh, it's been so long!

He wrapped his arms around Belinda, who simply laughed and returned the embrace.

“It's good to see you too!” She pulled away a little but allowed her hands to remain in HIM's claws in a way very reminiscent to how she had clasped her brother's hands during their reunion earlier. Despite himself, Snake felt curious as to how his sister was behaving with Townsville's most terrifying villain.

They couldn't be...

But he didn't get much chance to wonder, as Belinda grabbed his wrist again and he was led to the counter, where they both took a seat. HIM was chattering away with her, and she was responding in a way that might have been interpreted as flirty to anyone who hadn't actually seen her flirting for real. When HIM had turned away for a minute, Snake leaned towards his sister.

“How longsss have you been friendsss?”

“Well, I found this diner when I was looking for somewhere Kaa-san free to study for the Citysville Med School entrance exam.” She replied. “He kept my coffee topped up and we got to talking, as you do.”

She smiled brightly as HIM brought her a mug of said coffee and what looked like waffles drenched in syrup and strawberries. Snake was about to reply when the demon put a mug of what – mercifully, given that he hated coffee – looked like green tea along with what he realized were pancakes. He looked down at the offering, then at his grinning sister.

“You didn't even hear me ordering, did you San-kun?” She giggled, then softened a little.

“Eat up, you need cheering up after today.” As if to make a point, she cut into a waffle and took an enthusiastic bite. Snake smiled weakly and looked back to the pancakes. They smelled delicious!

“Thankssss.” He murmured, moving to pick up his cutlery...

He felt the claw press gently beneath his chin just as he realised HIM had moved in front of him. He managed a startled noise as his head was lifted level with the demon's, but didn't dare try to escape his grip. He felt his cheeks redden beneath HIM's yellow-green gaze, realising that he had never been so close to HIM before. In fact, the only people he had ever been this close to were his parents, Belinda and the twins, his two former boyfriends, and Ace...

His eyes widened as HIM's other claw brushed against the bruise under his eye with surprising care, examining it with what looked like an expression of concern.

“...and just who gave you that?” He spoke in his flowery, gentle tone, but Snake could hear a thinly-concealed growl of anger that made him blush even more. He considered lying, but something told him that was not a good idea...

“A-Accce...” he whispered, unable to stop himself from cringing away as the demon's black lips twisted into an angry pout. HIM paused for a few seconds, seemingly processing his answer, then their eyes locked.

“You deserve better.” The words came out as a growl, then he ran his claw a little more firmly against the tender flesh. Snake's pained hiss tapered into a puzzled noise as he felt the tenderness disappear with the claw's passing. He pressed his fingers against the place where the bruise should have been to find the flesh back to normal. Lips parting with surprise, he looked back at HIM, who seemed pleased with himself.

“Whatsss did yousss do?”

“Oh, I healed that ugly little bruise away for you.” HIM replied, as though it was nothing.

“Ohsss....uh....thank youss.”

HIM giggled, waving his claw in an 'oh, hush' motion.

“Well, we can't have the handiwork of some obnoxious would-be gangster defiling that pretty face, now can we?”

He turned away before Snake could reply, leaving the stunned teen with no option but to stare back at his pancakes, wide-eyed, while his face flushed crimson.

Snake was soon to learn that the seemingly throwaway comment was far from the only compliment he was to receive from the demon. As HIM and Belinda chatted away about her exams, Snake found that HIM kept pulling him into the conversation and making further flirty remarks. At first, Snake simply blushed at each one, trying to be as polite as possible. He wasn't entirely sure if this was some cruel prank. His sister wouldn't do something like that to him, but it wasn't Belinda who was doing it.

But eventually, he began to flirt back, shyly at first, but getting bolder as each one was met with encouraging enthusiasm. For the first time since Belinda had moved to Citiesville, Snake started to feel more confident, and soon he was sure the pink blush marks on HIM's face were either growing or deepening in colour when he flirted back. At Belinda's insistence, he had eaten his pancakes – which were delicious – but now found himself with little else to do beyond study the demon and listen to Belinda's chatter.

He'd never realised how handsome HIM was, but then again he had always tried to keep from attracting attention to himself when he's been in the demon's presence before. He could still remember the beating the gang had received at HIM's claws – with painful assistance from Fuzzy Lumpkins and Mojo Jojo, of course – in the Mayor's office when they had been caught prank calling on the PowerPuff Hotline. He'd been too sore to move the next day, and though they weren't as fearful of Mojo and Fuzzy, the gang had remained respectfully terrified of HIM.

But now, he found HIM's attention exciting, and was enjoying himself immensely. He was idly tracing a pattern on the counter with his finger when HIM placed another mug of green jasmine tea in front of him.

“I don't really understand the fuss over these silly green teas.” The demon purred, idly turning the mug so that the handle moved away from Snake's hand. “Such a delicate flavour, so easy to...overpower...”

Snake felt a smile tug at the corners of his mouth, and he flashed a smouldering glance at HIM.

“Wellsss, there are ssstronger flavoursss to Jassmine tea, but Isss alwayss found they have the sssame...problemsss.” He let his finger resume its pattern, but let it idle its way towards HIM's claw.

“Oh, and what would that be, my dear?”

“Wellss, when you have thessse other flavoursss, they're a lot of fun to ssstart with. Ssure, you might thinksss you don't wantsss to have anything elssse, but then you realissse that each cupss you have makesss it lossse a little more of itss ssshine, and you ssee that it wass nothing more than a passsing fancy, after allsss.”

“But the thing about Jassmine...” his finger began to trace around HIM's claw, looking up to gauge his reaction. The demon was watching his finger with a wry smile but made no effort to move away.

“Jassmine tea might not sseeem ass fanccy as thosse otherss, but I've alwaysss found that it'sss alwaysss good.”

Playfully, his finger began to tease its way along HIM's claw.

“Ssso, the way I ssee it, no matter how tempted you might be, you alwaysss return to your favouritesss. Eventually, you realise that'sss what you needed all along...”

HIM's claw moved a little, opening enough to take Snake's hand.

“I see...”

“Umm, are you both still talking about tea?”

They turned, blushing, to see Belinda staring at them, disguising her own blushes by taking a swig of her coffee. They turned to look at one another, to their hands, then back to her. Snake realised how close their faces had gotten during their exchange. HIM appeared to realise too, straightening up, but not relinquishing Snake's hand.

“Oh, dear me. I'd better just check on the coffee.” He lifted his claw, bringing Snake's hand to his lips and kissing his knuckles softly before releasing him and walking away. Snake nibbled his lower lip as he watched the demon walk away. Sure, he was wearing a mini-dress and make-up, but Snake had been wearing black lipstick for years, and as far as dresses went Snake had worn much more feminine things when he was living in Japan...

Belinda's laughter made him look up to see her smiling fondly at him.

“Seems like you're having fun.”

Snake blushed and took a drink of his tea.

A sudden rumbling noise diverted their attention to a shadowy corner of the diner, where a figure appeared to rise from the shadows. It wore a black muscle shirt, and crisp black trousers over its purple-grey skin, and golden shades. Two ivory horns sprouted from its head.

HIM looked up and frowned.

“You're up early.” He observed, earning a shrug from the figure as he walked to the counter.

“Coffee.” It growled, in a deep, rich voice. At the sound, Belinda perked up.


At the sound of her voice, the Boogie Man looked up and turned in her direction. Immediately, he broke into a huge, somewhat lecherous, grin. Turning to HIM, he gestured with both hands in Belinda's direction.

“Imma be sittin' with my lovely companion over there.” He oozed, sauntering over until he was at her side. “Hey, baby girl – when did you get back home?”

As Belinda turned her attentions to her new admirer, HIM placed a second mug on the counter and refilled Belinda's. He playfully rolled his eyes at Snake as he replaced the coffee pot, then returned to Snake with a smile.

“Well, now that you're sister's nicely distracted,” he purred, leaning against the counter, “where were we?”

Snake looked at his sister, who was literally fluttering her eyelashes at the actual Boogie Man, then back to HIM. One look at the demon's smug grin made him realise what had happened.

“Yousss planned thisss, didn't you?” He leaned forwards, a smile spreading across his face.

“But of course I did, Snake.” HIM crossed his arms and leaned closer too. “Don't get me wrong: I adore Belinda utterly, but it's a little difficult to...talk with her grinning at us, wouldn't you say?”

At the corner of his vision, Snake could have sworn he saw Belinda tuck her hair behind her ear under the guise of swirling a lock around her finger, but he ignored it and cocked his head.

“I likesss it. Ssso...what did yousss want to...talk aboutss?”

He let his finger trace back to HIM's claw, which took hold of his hand again. The demon looked down at them for a second.

“Well...I was wondering if you would like to join me tomorrow evening for dinner?” He stopped to think, then winked. “Completely sister-free, of course.”

Snake felt his face heat up and his eyes widened. He dipped his head slightly and peered up at the demon with a shy smile.

“Likesss...a datess?”

“Of course.”

Snake bit his lower lip, still smiling. An hour ago the prospect of even walking into the same building as HIM had filled him with terror, and now he was being asked on a date by the same being?! He ran his thumb along the curve of HIM's claw thoughtfully.

It was warm, not what he had expected at all.

“O-Okayss.” He said, trying not to cringe at the giddiness in his voice. “I'd like thatsss.”

He could have sworn that the demon looked relieved when he answered.

“Wonderful! So, about 8-ish?”

Trying not to seem as excited as he was, Snake nodded, then paused to think.

“Ummsss, where sshould we...”

“Oh, I'll find you.”

A little voice at the back of his mind squeaked to Snake that what he had just heard was not good at all, but he quashed it quickly with his next concern.

“What ssshould I wearsss?” He looked down at his Kamen Rider tank, suddenly aware that he had been flirting with the devil in what had to be his nerdiest outfit. HIM studied the shirt with an amused smile.

“Well, to be honest, I'm not the biggest Tokusatsu fan myself,” he chuckled at Snake's widened eyes, “but I wouldn't say dress up too fancy either...unless you want to dress up, of course.”

Snake looked at him with surprise at that last part. He hadn't so much as touched those items since they had moved to America – apart from the occasional check to see if his favourites still fit him. How could HIM have possibly...

His eyes flicked to his sister, who was laughing at some story Boogie was telling her.

“Ssso you and my ssissster have talked a lotsss, huh?”

“Well...this and that.” The demon looked a little embarrassed, making Snake chuckle a little.

“I sssupposse I sshould be flattered...”

The sound of Belinda's cellphone ringing interrupted whatever HIM was going to say. They looked up to see her fish it from her bag and answer the call. To her surprise – and Snake's - it was their mother. He didn't move his hand from its place within HIM's claw, and the demon made no attempt to move away. The disappointment was clear on his face as Belinda finished her call.

“Oh, you're not going already?” he almost whined. Belinda jumped off the stool.

“That was Kaa-san. She's finished early because some pharmaceutical meeting has been rescheduled, so she's coming to pick us up.”

The Boogieman looked disappointed.

“But y'all just got here!” He protested. Belinda rolled her eyes and hugged his arm.

“Oh, Boogie-san – I'm home for the summer. We'll have lots of time to catch up.”

She looked over her shoulder at Snake.

“We'd better hurry up, San-kun. She said she was on her way.”

“Okayss.” Snake turned back to HIM.

“I guesss I have to gosss.” HIM lifted his hand and kissed it.

“Until tomorrow night then.” His voice reduced to a purr. Snake blushed, moving his hand reluctantly.

“Yess, until tomorrow nightsss.”

He also climbed off his stool, and Belinda stepped up with purse in hand. HIM waved her off with a claw.

“We've talked about this, Belinda...”

Snake watched his sister argue with his...what was HIM now? Potential boyfriend?

The realisation hit him: he was going on a date with HIM! What was everyone going to think?

What was Ace going to think? If things went well tomorrow night, Ace wasn't going to be able to use him the way he had. To make him feel dirty, or worthless, or good for nothing...

I don't care what he thinksss. Snake realised. Blindie was right – he is just a user, and HIM's right too – I do deserve better!
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Possessing Snake Chapter 3 - Ace  by Kerianya
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Chapter 2, written from Snake's perspective
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• Series – P – Powerpuff Girls – Ace
• Series – P – Powerpuff Girls – HIM
• Series – P – Powerpuff Girls – Snake
• Theme – Super-Heroes/Super-Villains
• Theme – Angst
• Theme – Family
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• Theme – Romance
• Time Taken – Who knows?
• Tools – Literary Work – Prose/Stories
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