Possessing Snake Chapter 3 - Ace

Fandom: The PowerPuff Girls (original version – 2002 designs)
Rating: Adult
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): HIMxSnake, AcexSnake
Warnings: Slash, MxM, explicit sex, violence, rape, domestic abuse, language, Original Characters, mention of PPGZ characters (Znake, Ivy)
Summary: After getting tired of Ace's Not-Quite-Friends-With-Benefits and other abuses, Snake agrees to go on a date with his older sister's friend. The trouble is, her friend is none other than His Infernal Majesty – otherwise known as HIM. Is Snake jumping from bad to worse, and just how is Ace going to react when he finds out?
Disclaimer: The characters within this story are the creative property of Craig McCracken, with the exceptions of Belinda Ingleberry and Dr. Hitomi Ingleberry, who remain my own characters, and Znake and Ivy, who are male/female versions of the same character, and are the property of the PPGZ creators. The idea to separate them as twin siblings is my personal headcanon.

Chapter 3 – Ace – Shock and Change

Chapter-Specific Warnings: M/M, language, mentions of sex.

Ace was surprised to see Snake walk up to the shack for two reasons.

Firstly, when Belinda was home, Snake spent a lot more time with her and would only hang out with them when her social calendar permitted him to. He'd thought about chewing Snake out for it, but it wasn't his fault that he had a controlling bitch of a sister who wouldn't let him have hardly any fun. Not to mention, if he did manage to get Snake to hang out with them there was a risk that Belinda would either tag along or gatecrash later on. Obviously, that was disgusting to think about, so he didn't.

Secondly, Snake seemed...odd, even for him. He would normally offer the others a quiet greeting and slink over to wherever he wanted to sit or lean so he could wait for Ace to decide what they were going to do. On most occasions, he would smile, sometimes offering eye contact, but nothing especially notable.

Today, not only was Snake here without his sister, but he was...happy. He didn't quite skip through the dump – even Billy wasn't that dumb – but there was a noticeable spring in his step. Then when he greeted Arturo, he was smiling brightly as he said hi...

It was how he said it that startled Ace the most. Instead of his usual mumble – a proper way for a teenager to speak – Snake...trilled his greeting. Ace had never used the word 'trilled' in his entire life and was already confident he would never use it again. Fuck, he wasn't even sure how he knew the word existed. Maybe one of the stories his Nonna read to him when he was little had it in. It didn't matter, because that was the only word that could describe the sound of Snake's voice.

The others didn't react in the same way, seeming to brighten up with Snake's arrival.

“Hoho, you're in a good mood today, Serpiente.” Arturo chuckled.

“Duhh, yeah! Billy like happy Snake!” The Cyclops reached out and snatched the slim teen into an inescapable bear-hug. Instead of gasping for breath – again, the proper way to respond to one of Billy's hugs – Snake laughed breathlessly and returned the embrace.

“Aww, thanksss Billy.” He smiled as he was set down again, turning to look at Ace. There was a flicker of something, uncertainty maybe, in his eyes before he smiled to his boss.

“Hey, Bosss.”

“So what da heck's up with yous? Your sister let you fuck her or somethin'?” Ace snapped, wanting to put a stop to this strange mood Snake was in.

The rest of the gang stared at him in shock, and then Grubber scowled.

“Ppptthhptt! (There was no need to be so disgusting!)” He spat.

“Duhh, yeah! Dat wasn't very nice, Boss.” Billy agreed.

Arturo said nothing but scowled at him with his one visible eye. As one, the three looked at Snake, who just stared back at Ace with a disappointed expression on his face. Beneath the level gaze – another thing he wasn't used to – Ace began to feel his cheeks burn with shame and it took a great effort for him to keep from squirming. He wanted to look away, but that would be weak.

It was because of this that he saw Snake appear to come to some sort of decision and smile softly.

“No, Bosss.” He replied softly. “I've not ssslept with my sssisster, not lassst night or eversss. I won't ever ssleep with her eitherss. Sshe'ss my ssisster and my oldessst friend, that'sss why we're sso clossse. Okaysss?”

Normally, that would have been enough for Ace to hit his subordinate, but with the others clearly not happy with him he decided not to.

“So, Serpiente,” Arturo turned to Snake with a grin, “what has got you in such a good mood this morning?”

“Pffthhpth pthhpt pthfft. (I would have thought you'd be spending the day with your sister.)”

Snake giggled.

“Ohss...Belinda'sss grounded.” He replied, grinning at the others as they gaped at him.

“Duhh, isn't Miss Belinda a grown up?” Billy scratched his head.

“Well, ssshe thought ssso, until Mom groundedsss her lasst nightsss.” Snake shrugged. “Turnsss out Mom didn't approve of herss getting a tattoo..."

“Your sister got a tattoo?” Despite his previous embarrassment, Ace couldn't help but grin. Snake smiled back at him, nodding.

“Yesss, right on her armss. Sshe forgotss sshe hadn't put a jacket on and Mom ssspotted it before sshe even got into the car. Ssshe waited until we got homess, then went bersserk!”

“So,” Billy looked confused. “Is dat why Snake's so happy?”

“Whatss? Oh, nosss.” Snake shook his head. “That'sss not whysss.”

“Then what is it?” Ace rolled his eyes.

“Oh...wellsss.” Snake looked away, grinning stupidly and blushing. “Isss...got a datesss tonight.”

Ace's face fell in disbelief. Snake...dating somebody?! He stared, open-mouthed for a moment, at Snake's cheerful expression. Then, the surprise was replaced by a strange fury.

“The hell?!” He almost screamed, grabbing the younger teen by the shirt. “Whaddaya mean, you got a date?!

Snake winced out of instinct, closing his eyes and turning his head to the side.

“I meanss I gotss a date, bosss.” He snapped an eye open to look at Ace. “I-I don'tsss know how elssse to ssay its...”

Ace was so furious he was shaking. Looking at the rest of the gang, who were watching the exchange blankly, he paused for a second to consider them. He looked behind him at the empty shack before jabbing an angry finger at the other three.

“You three wait outside!” He growled. “Snake an' me gotta talk for a sec.”

He dragged Snake into the shack, almost flinging him bodily into the building before storming in and slamming the door shut behind him so hard the walls shook. Snake backed up against the wall, his previous happy mood gone.


Ace took off his shades, glaring straight into his eyes.

“The fuck you doin', goin' on a date?” He hissed, narrowing his eyes and baring his teeth.


“I mean, what kinda chick would wanna go out with you?

Snake looked hurt.

“I'm notss going on a datess with a girl, bosss.”

Ace was derailed for a moment.

“You're datin' a guy?”

“I don't like girlsss, bosss...not to datess, anywayss.”

Thinking on it, the fact that Snake was going on a date with another man made Ace feel all the worse. If Snake had been dating a girl, then there would have been no reason to stop what they had going on: it wasn't really cheating, given that a girl couldn't do the same thing. But a guy...there was no way that Snake wouldn't be the girl of the two. The last thing he wanted was to start fucking Snake and find that this other guy had just been there before him...gross!

“So where'd dis mystery guy come from?” He snapped. “Anyone I know?”

Snake blushed.

“He'sss...uhss...he'ss a friend of Belinda'sss....”

“Figures dat bitch would have somethin' to do with it.” Ace snarled, pacing about the floor. “Had him all lined up for ya, huh?”

“Wh-what do yousss mean, Bosss?” Snake looked confused. “Belinda didn't havesss anything to dosss with it. We got talkingsss, and he asssked me outsss.”

“Ya gonna fuck him?”

Bosss!” Snake looked horrified, cheeks turning from green to red. Ace closed the gap between them.

“Answer me!”

“Not on the firssst date, nosss!” Snake actually raised his voice a little. “Whatss do youss take me forsss, ssome kind of whoresss?”

“Wouldn't be a massive stretch, would it? Never heard ya say no to a fuck before!”

This time it was Snake's turn to stare, open-mouthed, at him. In the dim light, he thought the younger teen's eyes welled up.

“Yeah, wells...I've made a few misstakess before, Accce.” His voice was cold – the kind that suggested the speaker was really angry. It was enough to make Ace step back so Snake could move away from the wall. He felt a pang of guilt as Snake walked past him and reached out to gently grab his arm.

“Snake, I...”

At the contact, Snake had stopped and simply stood still with his gaze fixed to the dusty floor. In the silence that followed, Ace struggled to find the words.

“I, uh...I didn't mean...”

“Let'ss jussst forget it, Bosss.” Snake whispered. “The otherss are going to worrysss if we sstay heress much longersss.”

Ace let go of his arm and turned to face the door.

“Yeah, I guess so.” He replied. Snake looked at him and gave him an uneasy smile before he opened the door and stepped into the light. Ace stared after him.

But...what about me?

He ran his hands through his hair with a sigh. It was getting greasy, he would have to shower tonight and wash it. Putting his shades back on, he took a quick breath before joining the others outside.

He caught the end of Snake reassuring the others that he was alright, but there was no hint of anyone saying anything to him about it. They all turned to face him, and Snake's lips stretched into his more familiar grin.

“Sso what'ss the plan, Bosss?”

Snake had left at some point after four to get ready for his date. Ace had dismissed him and affected that he had forgotten about it. It made his teeth grate to hear Arturo and Grubber wish Snake good luck with typical teenage humor, and Billy insisting that Snake tell Belinda he had said hi. Snake promised that he would, and laughed off Arturo and Grubber's jokes, before heading down to the subway.

Ace had resolved not to look at Snake when he left, but couldn't help it. Watching Snake disappear down the street made him feel sick and angry. He had already started to sulk before he knew what was happening.

Was this jealousy? He realised that until this morning it hadn't even occurred to him that Snake might actually attract someone else's attention, let alone that Snake might respond to anyone who showed any romantic interest. Hell, he'd never even considered that Snake had feelings beyond physical satisfaction, which he had to have enjoyed as well...

...he had to, he'd never tried to protest if you didn't count the time where Ace hadn't brought any lube - and he didn't, given that they had still fucked without it, so yeah...

Besides, it wasn't like he wasn't able to find someone else if he wanted to fuck. He'd never had the problem before, but he'd gone to Snake because it was easier. Now that wasn't a possibility, he'd go find another. Probably a girl too, which was obviously a lot better given he wasn't a screaming fag like Snake. Yeah, actually, Snake finding himself a boyfriend was probably a good thing – he could get back to normal.

His vision had started to blur, so he took off his shades to rub them and was surprised to see his hand come back wet. Replacing his shades, he looked down at his hand in puzzlement.

“Must be exhaust fumes.” He muttered.

No way that I'm cryin'...
Possessing Snake Chapter 2 - Snake  by Kerianya
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Artist's comment:
Chapter 3 of my Possessing Snake Fanfiction

Written from Ace's perspective.

This chapter remains one of my favourites, although I couldn't tell you why this is! :confused:
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