Come Over

Sasuke had spent the last few nights watching TV until he fell asleep. Most of the nights he would just lay there watching the blades of the fan spin. Staring at the light blue walls in the room, he would get up moving to the large black bookshelf right next to the black curtains of the window. Those books would be taken off to be put back again when he couldn’t focus enough to read anything. The large black dresser with the oval mirror was a mess, he would dig through it put on a nice shirt and pair of jeans start towards the door to go out only to be home ten minutes later tossing the clothes on the dessert and mirror, annoyed with himself.

He would spend the rest of the night do anything he could that would make a noise in the house, he used to love the quiet only now he felt like he was climbing the walls trying to keep his mind busy. He found himself frowning more than usual the expression seemed to plaster itself on his face. Sasuke always had a horrible attitude lately though, he was far worse then ever before. To the point his brother had told him not to return to work. Not that it bothered him, work was the last thing on his mind. . .

Three weeks had passed and he found himself grabbing his cell phone every few minutes off the nightstand, the one that matched the dresser and bookshelf. He would scroll down to the name start a text then stop, tossing the phone back down, and follow it up with counting each line or bump he could find in the ceiling. That always ended the same with the memories of the person who helped him paint the room. The mess they had made flinging it at each other. Not many people—no, no one could make him smile the way Naruto did. Or make him laugh by chasing each other through the house Naruto had slapped his ass, leaving two handprints on each cheek.

The truth was,

They were better friends than lovers. Their relationship was nearing a disastrous level toward the end. And it ended with Sasuke saying he didn’t care what Naruto did, and he wouldn’t ever call or see the other again. Naruto could do whatever he wanted and be with whomever he wanted, and Sasuke wouldn’t ever open his mouth again.

It was Sasuke’s fault. Naruto was a social person. He loved making friends he loved hanging out with them. He loved having BBQ’s here at their formerly shared house in the backyard with the pool. Naruto simply loved having people around, making them laugh and telling jokes. He had always been like that Sasuke had known this since they were kids. And it was never a problem until they were dating.

Sasuke was a jealous person, though, with a slight temper. No he never hit his boyfriend. He just started a lot of fights, spitting out accusations even though he knew Naruto would never cheat. Regardless of the fact the most of the time he went out with Naruto. But seeing Naruto grin and laugh with others or dance when Sasuke always refused to do so set the jealousy ablaze.

Sasuke knew he was a crappy partner. No one else had ever put up with him for this long. Sure people used to gawk and asked him out all the time before he started dating Naruto, but his personality almost always chased them off on the first date. Naruto was that one person who could read him like a book and knew him better then he knew himself.

He never would have left in the first place, regardless of Sasuke’s temper, if Sasuke hadn’t physically lifted him and dropped him on the porch with his things, slamming and locking the door after removing the house key from Naruto’s key ring. The whole time he let his anger control him and completely ignoring the hurt look on Naruto’s face.

All of Naruto’s friends had always said they were no good for each other-- that Sasuke was no good for Naruto. Naruto had always said that may be true but they weren’t any good for anyone else.

He sent the text. . . He hadn’t even realized he did. His phone was buzzing and he waited not sure if he wanted to see the reply to the message he sent, which was two words. ‘Come over.’

He didn’t read the reply. He didn’t want too yet, not till he was sure. So he sent another. ‘You don’t have to fix me. I know you say there’s nothing wrong with me. Just come over, Naruto. I can’t take this bed being so empty or this house being so quiet. Come over. I don’t want to miss you anymore.’

How many times he had just texted, ‘come over’ he wasn’t sure. Sasuke just knew he wanted Naruto here right now. Naruto didn’t have to stay forever so long as the emptiness in the house went away for a little while.

His phone buzzed again, and he pressed the button to open the text. ‘Took you long enough. If you made me wait any longer to get over that fight I may have said no, you ass. Ten minutes. And when I get there we're going to talk. Not fight, talk. This isn’t optional either.’

He tossed his phone on the nightstand before leaving the room rather quickly. Sasuke made his way down the white painted hallway. It only had a few nail holes left in the walls after he took down all the photos Naruto had hung up. He had put all their pictures together on the porch for Naruto that night.

The only pictures he kept were in the living room, and they were pictures of his family.

He unlocked the large oak door and paced back and forth in the hallway. While he waited, he remembered the last time his heartbeat was like this. It was the day he asked Naruto to move in with him. The time before that was when he asked Naruto out.

He heard the dark orange impala pull up in the driveway. Naruto always parked right behind Sasuke instead of next too. That way when he had to leave he would have to get Naruto’s key, which always required a kiss. And sometimes a game of chasing Naruto for them---that would end in a short yet heated make out session.

It pulled at his guilt but not as much as Naruto knocking on the door instead of coming right in. Sasuke opened the door slowly. He stood there taking in the person he had tortured himself into missing because he was too stubborn to give in sooner.

Naruto stood there staring at him, dressed in blue jeans and a white cotton t-shirt, his hands stuffed into his pockets. Sasuke’s eyes roamed over his long slim body and Naruto’s bright blue eyes stared into his soul. Those blue eyes also looked tired. He knew he had that affect on Naruto, he always hated that about himself.

“Going to let me in?”

Sasuke missed that voice as well. The smoothness, the sweetness that it carried was currently strained slightly like Naruto was holding back, deciding on what he wanted to say and what he felt he could say without starting a fight. Naruto was like that. He didn’t like confrontations. He was too friendly. He didn’t like people being upset or angry. He hated fighting with Sasuke the most, especially when Sasuke was being irrational.

Sasuke moved out of the way with a nod, holding himself back as he shut the door. He just wanted to press Naruto against the wall and kiss him everywhere, but he realized that he would be pushing his boundaries if he did.

“You need to talk to someone about your anger and jealousy. Talking to me always ends with you pissed off. You need to see a counselor.” Naruto stated a frown on his face. How long had he held back to say that? Sasuke was always like this, and he needed to talk to someone. There was nothing healthy about their relationship, or how Sasuke would act.

“All right.” He watched a thin blond eyebrow rise slightly. He would if he needed too, especially if it kept him from fucking things up again. He needed Naruto he knew that much. He couldn’t be without the other man. No matter how fucked up they--he was.

Naruto nodded. He had been prepared for resistance, had a speech ready, and now didn’t need it. “And you need to realize that seeing friends and having dinners with them isn’t me attempting to hook up with someone else. I’m not. You’re there with us. I’m tired of you thinking there is some hidden meaning behind every conversation I have with another person.”

Naruto wasn’t angry he just sounded tired, and Sasuke hated that. “I’ll try.”

Naruto sighed, and it was one Sasuke had heard many times, usually when Naruto felt worn out from one of their fights or with Sasuke in general.

“Even I have limits, Sasuke. It hurt when you kicked me out. It hurts every time you accuse me and don’t trust me.”

“I do trust you,” Sasuke spoke, his words nearly rushing out even though he knew Naruto wasn’t done talking.

“No you don't Sasuke, and that’s another thing you need to work on. Because, next time you tell me to leave,” Naruto paused, trying to find the strength to say the words and mean them. “The next time you throw me out Sasuke, I will leave, and it will hurt me I can’t lie about that. I love you and a part of me always will. But I won't come back next time Sasuke.”

“You’ll come home then?” Sasuke felt hope bubble up inside of him and his heartbeat sped up.

“No. Not yet anyways. We’re starting over Sasuke. You're going to see someone about everything, and we're going to start dating again. I’m not moving back in until I know you can trust me and stop accusing me every time I do something with someone or talk to someone. Because, all I did was help Sai move and because it was just me and him you jumped to conclusions and threw me out. After three years, Sasuke. I don’t want something like that happening again. I can’t handle it. You need more faith in me, and I can’t share a house with you again until you do.”

“Okay.” Sasuke would try because he knew Naruto was right. Sometimes he couldn't control his thoughts or his emotions, but he would try to do better. He would get help if he had too if it would prove to Naruto that he needed him, loved him. He would make this right. He needed too.

“I’ll call someone and make an appointment tomorrow. If you’ll stay tonight.” There it was; the smile Sasuke wanted to see as Naruto shook his head like he couldn’t believe the things Sasuke would ask for sometimes.

“Trying to bargain with me Sasuke? That will probably never change. Not that I really mind though.” Naruto smiled again. He couldn’t help it sometimes.

Sasuke would say something that drained any anger in him for some reason. And Sasuke being so cooperative and willing gave him some hope that things could change and get better. Though he had always had that hope and tried to get there, hopefully they would this time because he loved Sasuke. He wanted this to work and sure they would still have arguments every couple did. He just couldn’t deal with the accusations of cheating every few days.

Not anymore. He had tried and fought away the feelings of being fed up for quite awhile because he knew Sasuke and knew he couldn’t help himself. He also knew that Sasuke would need help with these emotional problems and it wasn’t something Naruto could help with no matter how much he wished he could. He wished he could fix those parts of Sasuke that couldn’t control the anger or the possessive jealousy.

Still he wanted to be here wanted to be with Sasuke. Things had to change, though, “Okay.” Sleepovers like when they first started dating were fine. More then fine. Because, he had truly missed Sasuke these past few weeks. He knew though Sasuke had to cool off and take the time to work out his feelings. Naruto knew he had to wait for Sasuke to ask him back, if he had done it himself Sasuke wouldn’t have been ready yet, and they would be back to where they started and fighting the next day.

“Then it’s settled.” Naruto started down the hallway. “Lets sleep, I’m tired, and starting tomorrow we’ll take everything day by day.”

“It’s a plan then.” Sasuke smiled. He followed Naruto to the bedroom, and for the first time in weeks, he felt happy. He would do whatever he had to do to keep it this way.

They entered the bedroom, and Sasuke watched Naruto kick off the grey vans shoes, followed by his pants. He enjoyed it, enjoyed watching the clothes fall to the floor and the exposed long, lightly colored legs and the slight curve of the back he always enjoyed touching the flesh there.

Naruto pulled back the dark blue comforter before climbing into the bed. He turned to Sasuke who moved to the light switch, wearing nothing but his black pajama bottoms, the tight muscles of his stomach, pale flesh of his broad back. He had tried not to stare while they were talking. He had a weakness for Sasuke’s back and never really could say why. He just loved how it felt and looking at it, bare of clothes, always made Naruto want to mark it, touch it.

That was something Naruto didn’t want to think of it while upset with Sasuke. Though he didn’t pull away after the lights went off and Sasuke slid into the bed, pulling him closer and wrapping an arm around his waist while holding him tightly.

It never really mattered how they went to bed because at some point during the night they would end up tangled together. Even if they went to bed mad, they still sought each other's warmth during the night.

“I’m sorry,” Sasuke whispered, pressing a kiss atop of Naruto’s head.

Naruto’s hand moved, covering Sasuke’s and fingers and curling their hands together, squeezing them tightly momentary.

“Everything’s going to be okay,” Naruto whispered, pulling their hands up and briefly pressing a kiss to the back of Sasuke’s hands.

“God, Naruto I love you. I will be that person that treats you right. I will. I promise I’ll get there no matter what.”

Naruto nodded, squeezing Sasuke’s hand again. “I know because I have faith in you. So much that I can’t help but love you more and more every day. No matter what happens I will be your support and loving you isn’t something I can change or stop doing.”

No matter what Sasuke did or said never changed Naruto’s feelings. Maybe things will end badly again, but he was going to do everything he could to make this work. He wasn’t going to hold back because he’s scared of hurting Sasuke’s feelings. He held back all the time. He had blame in how things turned out. He always avoided fighting and it was mostly one sided, always saying Sasuke was wrong. He should have known better. This time he wouldn’t avoid the problems. He would take them one at a time with Sasuke and work things out.

This time things would be better because Naruto was going to try. Sasuke was going to get help, and they would work on their relationship together. Because the love was still there and Sasuke was definitely worth fighting for and so was he.
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Artist's comment:
Beta'd by Cai

It's a old one but one of my faves. It's one of those relationships. Both have their problems, both need help and both share blame in how things have played out.
For all Naruto fandom m/m pairings.
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