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Cozy Hope  by MJEsperandieu
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The Two Towers  by MJEsperandieu
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Artist's comment:
Back when the keyhole sweater meme was current, I totally didn't connect it to the (poorly sourced) claims that FFXII's rating troubles had something to do with the visibility of Vaan's nipples, which were current at around the same time.

Then why did that suddenly occur to me today? Don't ask me. ._. But it did, and here is the resulting pic.

The thing behind Vaan is a send-up of the ESRB logo...which you've probably all seen countless times before on videogames, but probably aren't able to recall. Because it is, frankly, one of the least inspired and memorable logos ever devised. There are only two possible explanations how the graphics designer responsible for it came up with it:
1. They had designed a really great logo, and then did this one as a purely decoy alternative...and the deciders had such poor taste that they went with the decoy. >_> It's been known to happen!
2. The graphics designer felt they just shouldn't invest more than two minutes of effort into the logo - because otherwise the logo would have had more effort go into it than went into all other aspects of the ESRB's creation combined.
Content details:
• Category – 2D
• Category – Abstract
• Category – Derivative
• Category – Fan Art
• Category – Meme
• Category – Video Games
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – Not Applicable/Other
• Series – F – Final Fantasy (all series) – Vaan
• Theme – Alternate Universe
• Theme – Angst
• Theme – Costumes/Regalia
• Theme – Cross-dressing
• Theme – Humour
• Theme – OOC
• Theme – Pin-up
• Theme – Satire/Parody
• Theme – Supernatural/Fantasy
• Time Taken – 1-2 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Clip Studio Paint
Posted on 2020-12-07 @ 1:35 AM
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