Vampire's Kiss chapter 22

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Once Upon a Time in Amsterdam...  by Minachan95
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Vampire's Kiss chapter 23  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
Vampire's Kiss chapter 22. Unreachable Sin part 13

Alright, and decided to update this project before the New Year. However, it seems that I had to divide this chapter into 2 parts, 'cos 6k. words chapter might be too big chungus xD
*sigh* dear, working on both parts surely was a pretty wild emotional ride...More so, the only way to beat the writer-block was by adding OCs as a cameo. So, I hope that you would be kind to miss Sonia and miss Irene u_u
Plus, recently learned how to use footnotes and in this chapter I wanted to introduce the diclonius race. (For non-working footnotes explanation: Diclonius - a newly evolved species, arising from and very similar to normal Humans, but possessing psychokinetic abilities far beyond any Human. For reasons that may be cultural as well as biological, they are often at odds with Humans to the point of threatening to replace them as Earth's dominant sentient species. Source: Elfen Lied wiki.)
Anyways, as always,

1st Chapter~ Chapter 1

Previous Chapter~ Unreachable Sin. Part 12

Next Chapter~ Unreachable Sin. Part 14
For all your vampire needs!
Astaroth d'Arcy - vampire OC  by BloodedLunacy
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Vampire's Kiss chapter 23  by Minachan95
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Posted on 2020-12-27 @ 3:35 PM
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