Vampire's Kiss chapter 23

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Vampire's Kiss chapter 22  by Minachan95
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About That Kind of Desire...Chapter 1  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
Vampire's Kiss chapter 23. Unreachable Sin part 14

Alright, and adding the last chapter for this year aka the second part of previous chapter. So, yeah, ending this ''annus badicus'' with mixed emotions xD aaah, it was a wild year, indeed. But along all bad shit to happen, there were also these tiny little things, which compensates all the mess up things.
Anyways, as always,

Dear, that was really good(or not) mix of moods xD like author's mindset while working on this chapter. So, taking a personal note not to work under the mood swing(and five minutes later this stupid nerd does it again x////DDD). Anyways, Thank you so much for given support during this year and I hope I'll see next year as well.
So, as always - See you next time!~

1st Chapter~ Chapter 1

Previous Chapter~ Unreachable Sin. Part 13

Next Chapter~ Innocent Sorrow part 1
For all your vampire needs!
Vampire's Kiss chapter 22  by Minachan95
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Diabolik Lovers 6  by Laito
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Posted on 2020-12-28 @ 5:08 PM
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