About That Kind of Desire...Chapter 1

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Vampire's Kiss chapter 23  by Minachan95
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Under the Demon's Sweet Spell  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
[Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2021/01/12 and completed on 2021/05/08]

Alright! New Year - new project. And, of course, picked something that I wanted to test out by the end of last year. Yup, before figuring out what to do with sci-fi au(Fading Blossom in the Sand) or working on vampire!Kyo's backstory arc on Vampire's Kiss, wanted to bring back dat angy and naughty boi 'Nagi, who just simply loves to cause the mayhem and get the attention xD
Oh, and for anyone who is new to Mina's works, I need to mention a couple things:
First, you may encounter unfamiliar names. So, let me explain you.
Shiro is a prototype of all clones and in previous work (Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road) he simply strived to meet the Original and hoping that Kyo would understand and accepts this replica.
*sigh* and yes, KUSANAGI gave names for each clone, so, don't be surprise, if you meet some of the names based on colors or food, 'Nagi thinks of these names depending on his current mood ^^'' (So, for example: Sakura, Sage, Kuro, Mochi and, of course, Mero and Hoki).
'Right, I think I told everything(I hope!)
So, as always,

Summary: [Sequel to Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road].
Kyo seem to be concerned about the unexpected presence of one pesky redhead, who seemed to be in some deep trouble. So, this brunette simply follows him just to find out what it was all about...

Chapter 2~ Chapter 2
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• Category – Video Games
• Critique – Encouraged
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• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kusanagi
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kyo-1
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kyo-2
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kyo Kusanagi
• Theme – Angst
• Theme – Comfort
• Theme – Family
• Theme – Slice of Life
• Time Taken – 4-8 days
• Tools – Literary Work – Prose/Stories
Posted on 2021-01-04 @ 3:38 PM
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