About That Kind of Desire...Chapter 1

[Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2021/01/04 and completed on 2021/05/08]

Summary: [Sequel to Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road].
Kyo seem to be concerned about the unexpected presence of one pesky redhead, who seemed to be in some deep trouble. So, this brunette simply follows him just to find out what it was all about...

King of Fighters

Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Kyo-1(Mero), Kyo-2(Hoki), Kusanagi, Iori Yagami (hinted Kyo x Iori on Chapter 5)

Genre: Clones, Angst, Drama, Suggestive themes, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Status: Completed

Chapter 1

Couple months have passed since this Kusanagi heir along with Yagami has defeated a dark entity, which shamelessly self-claimed to be a real Kyo. Surely, this brunette to this very day has been wondering who was exactly so-called Kusanagi and why he was summoned to this world. Nevertheless, Kyo was so assured that he doesn't ever again need to encounter this terrifying creature, also a self-claimed leader of clones and taking them under his care. Yet somewhere deep inside he felt that this vile being been lurking and waiting somewhere until this brunette will find him. However, very soon this brunette will learn to think twice before acting.

It was rather a chill and moonless night accompanied by the cold silver starlight. However, the deadly silence on the old construct site was disturbed by the sound of rustling sand under one certain brunette's feet, who wore a white jacket and black long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of tighter jeans. That's right, Kyo had a very bad feeling that Iori was involved into some kind of deep problems and, of course, as usual, his pride won't let him to ask for help.

More important, that stubborn idiot may be on the verge of death or in bloody mess, but he would still be able to growl and bark on anyone with 'don't interface', 'none of your problems', even if this brunette instead of with-drawing, only would get closer to this man. That's right, the more time Kyo could spend in private with this redhead, the more he could notice, even if it is not that significant and instant, but slow yet steady process of Yagami starting to show signs of settling down.

This Kusanagi already noticed how he was that reason why Iori keeps clinging and striving to live, however, only later on this brunette began to realize that his presence also had a strangely healing effect on this redhead. Probably Yagami could feel that too, even if he did not want to admit it. Nevertheless, Kyo was doing all this not because he wanted to appeal as some sort of messiah or act as one. Hell, he's also not trying to pity this redhead, because both knew - it would only end up as pouring gasoline on fire. No one forced him to be by Iori's side, nor care for him.

This brunette took this as his own made decision and perfectly knew all the possible consequences of approaching Yagami. So, in the end, this Kusanagi heir not only swore to become a morning sun who will vanish the darkness, but after once mentioning to Iori after match, he just made this redhead turn his head away and silently chuckle. But for now, this brunette was wondering what could happen this time that made Iori act so weirdly tonight…

Earlier on the same evening, he felt how someone harshly grasped his shoulder and tried to push him forward. Definitely, this brunette was alerted by awfully familiar energy. After he quickly looks around, this Kusanagi spots a certain redhead from the backside, who wore a long red coat with a crescent moon symbol on the back and a pair of black gloves. However, it seems that his old time rival started to run away without even looking back. So, before Kyo lost this redhead in the crowd, he tried to make his way through countless people in the street. Hell, this Kusanagi even loudly called out Iori, but this redhead only runs away without even trying to look back.

Kyo knew that something was wrong, something that Yagami is so afraid to tell that even facing this brunette was impossible for him, yet in his own way trying to reach for a help. While this Kusanagi leans against the nearest wall and deeply breaths, he just blankly stares and countless people passing by. He wanted to find Iori no matter what and figure out what was behind such a behavior.

Nevertheless, all of sudden Kyo's attention was drawn by a raised gloved hand in the crowd of people, which rather shows a suggestive gesture and now tosses a piece of rustled paper at this brunette. Of course, this Kusanagi was lucky enough to catch this piece of paper and once there were a fewer people, this brunette fully saw the backside of this redhead, who didn't bother to face him and now starts to walk away with his hands putted in his coat's pockets.

This brunette just unwraps this piece of paper and reads it. Apparently, despite the writing style was rather too simplistic and clumsy, it was written "Meet me at the old building site. Bring any of your little friends, and I'll slaughter them at the same spot. Don't try anything funny. I'll wait you there.". Of course, as Kyo closes his eyes, he frowns and after taking a deep breath, this brunette opens his eyes and silently tells to himself "So, you wanna play cat and mouse, huh? What a hell you think of, Yagami..."…

Back to presence~ Kyo looks around, yet it seems aside him there were no one. So, maybe Iori just wanted to mess with him, or so thought this brunette, who was already fed off of waiting. However, as he takes step forward, this brunette could swear that he could hear a rustling clothing material not that far from him. Someone was behind him, there was no mistake. Without a hesitation, this Kusanagi turns back, but it seems that there were no one aside him.

However, the intimidating and menacing aura near him was growing stronger, and he did not like this at all, whenever it was some kind of sick joke or not. So, he only widens his eyes wide-open and deeply breaths, as he walks further.

Now a pair of glowing in red eyes shines brightly in the distance, like the owner of them waiting until this naive small animal will fall into the set traps. Once this brunette stops for a while, this shadow person reveals its fangs by sadistically smiling. This naive fool have no idea whom he was messing with, or what kind of fate awaits this foolish Kusanagi~ Or so, the person with a certain hair-cut reminding one specific redhead, nearly in silent singing voice told to himself.

Upon hearing the sound of footsteps, this brunette ignites his hand with the bright orange flame and was ready to attack any given time. While looking to the sides, this Kusanagi heir declares ''Stop hiding and face me, you coward! I know you're here. So, enough of your games, Yagami!'', which was followed by the malicious and deep chuckle by the mysterious fellow. It was only the matters of seconds and Kyo frozen in fear and could hear his own heartbeat.

That's right, as quick as the flash of light, the menacing foe was already behind this brunette's back. However, just before Kyo turns back, he felt how a high voltage strikes his nape. As this Kusanagi widens his eyes and gasps in pain, he fells like a rag-doll on cold ground. Meanwhile, the redhead fiend puts the stun gun into his coat's pocket with such a delighted smile on his face. As this person closes his eyes and deeply exhales, he puts his hand on the scalp and now with a sudden move removes the red wig. Now the nearly a pitch-black short hair been ruffled as this dark skinned brunette shakes his head and tosses the wig on the ground.

After this creature opens his red glowing eyes, which shines as hell's fury, he looks down on his prey and mockingly comments "I knew that you are brainless dumbass, but not that much~ Sheesh, you didn't show any effort even at losing...". However, Kusanagi lifts his one eye-brow when he receives no answer from the fallen brunette. So, now this darker brunette a couple times pushes his victim by using his foot. Yet after it failed to response, 'Nagi puts his one hand inside pants' pocket and with the other one face-palms while speaks up in careless yet irritated voice "Don't tell that you actually died... For fuck's sake, you can't even handle a single hit.", after chuckling he continues "What a sore loser~".

However, Kusanagi squats and places his palm on Kyo's neck. It seems this dark male started to smile as an excited child upon discovering something great. Apparently, he could sense a weak pulse on the sleep artery. After moving his palm on this Kusanagi heir's eyes filled with remaining shock, he carefully closed them. Now the darker brunette picks Kyo like a sack of potatoes and throws him over his shoulder. Once 'Nagi straighten up his knees, he managed to stand up with his newly picked toy and before heading to his secret lair, the darker brunette few times pats Kyo's buttocks.

Lastly, Kusanagi speaks up in menacing yet nearly in singing voice "Make sure that you won't die 'til we arrive, 'cos I need you for summoning our main guest~ And then...we all gonna continue where we left since last time, right? It's gonna be so much fun!~", now 'Nagi was cheerfully humming while carrying this Kusanagi heir to the final destination place.

Meanwhile, in one familiar storage~ Apparently, most of the clones were deeply asleep on the floor under the warm embrace of tatami. However, most of the clones have to share it in pairs or, if they lucky - having their own. That's right, thanks for the Mero's and Sakura's suggestion in early days of settling down in the storage, their Big Bro brought a couple large closets and constructed them, which were placed in the left corner of the storage, and along with a lot of various bed-sheet sets. So, even as artificial beings, they felt safe and calm around 'Nagi, who was their guardian and that older but responsible sibling. Perhaps, Kusanagi was also that very first person, who actually cared for the bunch of these abandoned clones, who were at that time nothing more like blind baby kittens crying out in the box and left to die in the harsh human world.

But for now, usually, Kusanagi would keep an eye on them while they were peacefully resting when he was around, but tonight, it seems that a couple of clones, whom 'Nagi lets to be in charge, took this torch. Right now a replica wearing a brown uniform sits in Kusanagi's comfy black leather office chair and while resting his head on a palm, he nearly falls asleep. However, it seems one clone in blue uniform started to get up and leave his brothers' side. That's right, even if Mero looked too sleepy, he started to felt concerned about Hoki, who stays awake for pretty long time.

After carefully making his way through his sleeping brothers, the replica in blue managed to get close to the fellow clone, Mero places his hand on Hoki's shoulder and softens his gaze "You don't need to stay awake all night, you idiot. So, go and rest before I smack your head.". However, it seems that this fellow replica's word didn't reach him, and even if from the first glance Hoki looked calm, but his gaze was fixated into nothingness. The replica in blue adds in a slightly irritated tone "Are you thinking about when Big Bro returns? Or, don't tell me you are worrying about Shiro again?".

Nevertheless, the clone in brown uniform calmly replies "Even if I don't get it why he prefers to stay with Original than with Big Bro, but I can feel that Shiro is much happier now, even despite that incident. So, I don't really have a reason to worry about someone, who is in a better place. However...", of course, Mero didn't realize that he started to smile thanks for his bro's honest answer, but he just listens further "You know, for the most of the time I'm not questioning what Big Bro does, but this time, I don't get him. Why did he ask us to get that red wig and coat?".

After Hoki frowns and lowers his gaze, he continues in serious tone "Since his last encounter against that sadistic bastard, who wields a purple flame, something really has changed about Big Bro and I don't like it at all. Big Bro become too obsessed about that shameless killer and sees nothing, but him. Shit...it's all his fault that Big Bro acting like he is not himself..." just when he was about to add something else, a replica in brown uniform widens his eyes when he felt Mero's hand pressed against his mouth.

The clone in blue gives a comforting smile and as he removes his hand from the fellow twin's mouth, he cheers up in careless tone ''Oi, have you forgotten who is the most chill and calm from our brothers, you dumbass? Plus, over-thinking and whining is not cool at all. So, have a faith in Big Bro 'Nagi, 'cos there is nothing that he can't handle. Heck, remember that one time when Big Bro was surrounded by a bunch of the street thugs? That's right, not only he saved Mochi, but also kicked these freaks' asses. So, we can trust him no matter how the things may look awful, you idiot.''. Surely, as Hoki sighs, he tried to change the subject ''So, I'll leave the 'throne' to you then. Make sure not to doze out, cos I don't want that Big Bro would get mad at any of us, just because someone fast asleep on duty, you moron.''. The replica in blue felt relieved and while these two were exchanging the position, there very little understand they have how 'Nagi was about to finish off his newly found toy just to satisfy his curiosity.
Vampire's Kiss chapter 23  by Minachan95
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Under the Demon's Sweet Spell  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
[Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2021/01/12 and completed on 2021/05/08]

Alright! New Year - new project. And, of course, picked something that I wanted to test out by the end of last year. Yup, before figuring out what to do with sci-fi au(Fading Blossom in the Sand) or working on vampire!Kyo's backstory arc on Vampire's Kiss, wanted to bring back dat angy and naughty boi 'Nagi, who just simply loves to cause the mayhem and get the attention xD
Oh, and for anyone who is new to Mina's works, I need to mention a couple things:
First, you may encounter unfamiliar names. So, let me explain you.
Shiro is a prototype of all clones and in previous work (Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road) he simply strived to meet the Original and hoping that Kyo would understand and accepts this replica.
*sigh* and yes, KUSANAGI gave names for each clone, so, don't be surprise, if you meet some of the names based on colors or food, 'Nagi thinks of these names depending on his current mood ^^'' (So, for example: Sakura, Sage, Kuro, Mochi and, of course, Mero and Hoki).
'Right, I think I told everything(I hope!)
So, as always,

Summary: [Sequel to Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road].
Kyo seem to be concerned about the unexpected presence of one pesky redhead, who seemed to be in some deep trouble. So, this brunette simply follows him just to find out what it was all about...

Chapter 2~ Chapter 2
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