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Pen Test / le chaton qui venait du froid  by MJEsperandieu
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New Year's Addendum  by MJEsperandieu
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Artist's comment:
Yeah, another completely random motif that evolved in the course of random doodling to test a new pen...or perhaps it would be more of a pencil, actually.

Haninozuka admiring some cake, as he would...I kinda like how Haninozuka turned out (with his hairstyle, in this case, based more on the manga version than the anime), but I must admit that the cake I drew doesn't really deserve the descriptor beautiful, especially not out of the mouth of a true connoisseur like Honey. :sweatdrop: I think I'd need to practice drawing cake a lot more to gain the ability to come up with something halfway decent, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort, given how rarely I'd need it...but I'm great at eating cake, at least. In fact, while I've dropped nearly everything from my bucket list by now, trying some Japanese cake is still on there...some of that stuff looks just marvelous, real works of art.
Content details:
• Category – 2D
• Category – 3D
• Category – Anime/Manga
• Category – Fan Art
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – O – Ouran High School Host Club – Mitsukuni (Hunny) Haninozuka
• Theme – Humour
• Theme – Slice of Life
• Time Taken – 2-4 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Clip Studio Paint
• Tools – Digital – 3D
Posted on 2021-01-17 @ 1:04 AM
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Posted comments
Honey is such a babe, and this is his weakness XD
Rub all the little boy peenies together~ :love:
Pixiv - HicceArs - Picarto - Toyhouse
# Posted on 2021-01-18 @ 9:07 AM
And he's never denied that. :XD:
# Posted on 2021-01-24 @ 11:17 PM
What Honey will do for cake XD
# Posted on 2021-01-17 @ 10:21 PM
Probably no more than I would do, though. :XD:
# Posted on 2021-01-24 @ 11:17 PM
That would work with most characters, but not Hunny - it's been established in canon that he can eat unlimited amounts of cake without the slightest physical consequences. :XD:
# Posted on 2021-01-25 @ 12:26 AM
He loves cake no matter how it looks!
# Posted on 2021-01-17 @ 1:21 AM
I'm not so sure about that, I think he requires all of his cakes to look kawaii in some way. Fortunately for him, Japanese pastry makers seem to like to cater to that predilection. :XD:
# Posted on 2021-01-24 @ 11:20 PM
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