Narendra - OC sheet

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Dara, the djin  by BloodedLunacy
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Where am I now?  by BloodedLunacy
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Artist's comment:
One more of Vajramani's mates :heart:
Meet Narendra, he's a big constrictor, almost as large as Vajra himself and sort of mother figure of the group due to being a big ball of fluff, tenderness and nurture.

Unlike Candra who was still living within his father's harem, Narendra already had a dominant male for a mate, but he was quite abusive.
The scar he has on his belly was made before he met Vajramani but it was still recent when they first laid eyes on each other. Narendra got the wound after his mate attacked him over doubting the clutch of eggs Narendra was expecting wasn't entirely his. The fight and a fall that resulted from the skirmish caused Narendra to miscarriage.

Later on, he and Vajramani met and eventually fell in love which led to Vajramani having to fight the other male in order to free Narendra.
Narendra's much happier now, he's still a hard worker and despite not knowing what a housewife is, the stereotype might fit him quite well. He dotes on Vajramani and the rest of his mates like his own brothers.

Detailed sheet here.
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Candra - OC sheet  by BloodedLunacy
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Beyond the Pale - Page 11  by Elphysh
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For all things monster boys and teratophilia! Mermaids, nagas, harpies, spiders, centaurs, slimes, and more!

If he's half human and half creature of some kind, we want him...
the virgin dean winchester vs the chad theseus  by frostious
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grade A beef  by frostious
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ORDER UP!  by ???
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Black-Eyed  by Fidi
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Content details:
• Category – 2D
• Category – Portrait Practice
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – Original
• Theme – Monster/terato
• Theme – Femboy
• Theme – OC (Original Characters)
• Theme – Scars
• Time Taken – 2-4 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Paint Tool SAI
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Photoshop
Posted on 2021-01-21 @ 4:06 PM
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