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Silksketches  by AcroYuri24
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Artist's comment:
When I posted this, I was in a few RP groups on Google+, including a Hetalia Highschool group. Since I've been using my own OC, Yuri Krylenko, for most of them, I decided to make an alternate version of him, adapted into the Hetalia canon.

Name: Yuri Braginsky
Representing: Odessa, Ukraine
Birthday: 2 September (The city of Odessa was founded on this date in 1794.)
Age: 18
Height: 5'6" / 1m 68cm
Weight: 120 lbs. / 54 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond, centre part

Activities: Yuri is in the school's Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and Swim Club.
Personality: Easy-going, humorous, flirty, and happy-go-lucky in casual settings, but thoroughly diligent when it comes to training and competing.
Likes: Gymnastics, the circus, surfing, basketball, comic books, cosplay, tight clothing (bodysuits, speedos, tank tops, skinny jeans, etc.).
Dislikes / Fears: Anti-gay bullying, Russia.
Sexuality: Yuri is secretly harbouring gay feelings. To try to avoid being bullied about it (not helped by his effeminate appearance and interests), he openly flirts with as many girls as he can. After graduating, he would eventually come out as bisexual.

Family: Younger brother of Ekaterina Braginskaya (Ukraine) and Ivan Braginsky (Russia), cousin of Natalia Arlovskaya (Belarus).
Friends: Antonio Fernandez Correido (Spain) and Kiku Honda (Japan), over their shared love of gymnastics. Erszebet Hedevary (Hungary), his secret crush. Francis Bonnefoy (France), his secret man-crush. Ekaterina Braginskaya (Ukraine), for comforting him with sisterly love.
Enemies: Ivan Braginsky (Russia), for putting him through harsh (but effective) gymnastics training, and for anti-gay bullying. Natalia Arlovskaya (Belarus), his rival on the gymnastics team. Alfred F. Jones (America), for bullying (but to a lesser extent than Russia).

Extra: In the drawings above, his face was modelled after Lithuania's.

Hetalia TM & (c)2009 2018 H. Himaruya / FUNimation
Character and art (c)2018 SpyHunter29

Originally posted on 2 March 2018.
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Posted on 2021-01-23 @ 12:15 AM
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