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After Battle  by GeneralRADIX
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Various DVP Doodles Round 1  by GeneralRADIX
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Artist's comment:
Cross-post from dA; ctrl+v as follows:

The premise, broadly: Vincent Callahan, a Martian immigrant to Earth with various emotional problems (PTSD at minimum) and holes in his memory, ends up rescuing the android Dante Spada from some malevolent pursuers. The thing about Dante is, he looks exactly like this recurring figure in Vince's dreams and doesn't react like Vince is a total stranger--clearly, something's up, but neither of them know what that is. Shit goes sideways after Vince goes back to save Dante's mute buddy Angelus, and the three of them end up fleeing with two of Vince's neighbors (Thema and Pavo) in tow. Along the way, they pick up another party member, Jessamine (rather, she invited herself in), and find the scope of their troubles expanding significantly when they're paid a visit by Lumen, the god of light.

All the while, Dante's brother Casimir is keeping a close eye on him, waiting for the right moment to take him back. It's better that he do this than their creator get his hands on Dante again, he reassures himself. To this end, Casimir wrangles Vince's college friend Enzo Lynwood, who would really prefer to take Vince's annoying new boyfriend out of the picture--even if this means coming to blows with her old pal. Things don't quite go as planned...


In rough order:

* Vince and Dante, two of three main characters (the third being Enzo). The only real addition to Vince's wardrobe is his dog tags; Dante's is based on an AU idea (angel 'verse fusion take 2) with more plaid and other tweaks.

Personality-wise, Dante is still Inm!Durandal. Quite, reserved, and kind, but not to be underestimated.

* Enzo's design for this setting. That bandanna wrapped around her upper arm was probably a gift from Vince; no matter how bad things get, she always keeps it with her.

* The three gods most relevant to this story (migrated from the angel 'verse, where they didn't really fit even post-revamp). Lumen, the god of light, is compassionate and heroic, but a tad capricious and bad at interacting with mortals. Almost always by his side is Aurora Candoris, deity of the heart, who helps keep him grounded. The two of them are working to redeem their old friend Umbra, goddess of darkness, though they haven't been having much luck in the two millennia or so they've been at it; Umbra's got her own plans and would really like it if her buddies would just get off her back already.

Lumen has a particular interest in Vince; initially, the latter just wants this superhuman weirdo to leave him alone, but then Lumen reveals some information that Vince takes incredibly poorly, necessitating a shit-ton of apologies and slow building of trust.

Design-wise, all three of them were adjusted in various ways. In particular, Lumen got a helmet like Umbra (Aurora wears a mask) so that two members of a trio wouldn't be wearing hoods.

* Casimir Spada, whose name means "destroyer of peace"; he's more of a subtle planner than Tycho (of whom he is not strictly a 1:1 analogue), but no less dangerous.

* The rest of the party, or at least the starting group; all four of them are androids, for Vince is AI/android catnip. I wouldn't mind working in Haller, Lovelace, Charlie, Lysander (as "Sandy Frane"), Oli, and Raz later on--with adjusted backstories, obviously. (Joyeuse and Precieuse are pretty heavily tied to Inm., Zael feels more at home there and has some Myth connections, and having Logan without Cortana just doesn't feel right)

** Thema is/was the apartment block's PR manager who wasn't terribly happy with her job--though she wasn't thrilled about getting pulled into a dangerous road trip, either. She puts her skills to work in keeping the group out of serious legal trouble. (Meta-wise, she's somewhere between Leela and Cortana)

** Jessamine is a brawler of no fixed address who meets the group as she's fending off the same guys that are after them; she pulls her weight by continuing to help them d
Content details:
• Category – 2D
• Category – Original
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – Original
• Theme – OC (Original Characters)
• Time Taken – Who knows?
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Other/Not Listed
Posted on 2021-04-07 @ 8:28 PM
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