Various DVP Doodles Round 1

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DV Project First Concepts  by GeneralRADIX
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Various DVP Doodles Round 2  by GeneralRADIX
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Artist's comment:
Cross-post from dA.

* Vince is able to smile again after Dante and Angelus are a part of his life, but oftentimes, it's still rather wistful. (It would still be enough of a change for Thema and Pavo to be both glad for Vince and curious as to what got into him)

* What Vince's armour looks like in this 'verse; it's largely based on his Inm. armour, with some added abdomen protection and a belt with holsters. It's also, as always, light enough that Vince can wear his longcoat over it. How he acquired it remains to be seen--doubtlessly, not through 100% legal channels.

* Dante always hated life in LADNAH (i.e. the MIDA expy); every day was an even split between being severely pushed by Strauss to "reach his full potential", and acting as a servant to Strauss's colleagues--and as time went on, Dante found himself witness to ever more horrific atrocities, with no means of escape or even ways to influence the situation. His spirit was just about completely broken come the conclusion of the war...then, by chance, he noticed that Strauss was leaving an injured soldier unattended and slipped into the room. Their meeting was short-lived, but the soldier's words gave Dante renewed hope, however slight; however, Dante couldn't fully remember the soldier's face, as half of it was bandaged up.

Even after finally escaping LADNAH's clutches, Dante's a bit emotionally fragile--something he tries to hide under layers of reserve and the not-so-occasional laser-focused snark.

* Once of the first things Vince does after rescuing Dante and Angelus is give them some of his old clothes. That pullover is actually the first article of clothing Dante ever received from someone who cared for him, and he treasures it accordingly.

* Enzo in the same armour Vince is wearing a couple doodles back. It's very likely that snagging some armour in the first place was her idea.

* Two skylines: one of Tharsis on Mars, the other of Newport on Earth. Now, I really don't like trying to draw cityscapes for a number of reasons, but I also figured that it'd be a good idea to establish what Vince's former and current homes look like.

Tharsis was, and largely still is, a superficially-normal metropolis; Newport is every bit the dump it appears to be.

* Dante 'n Angelus, being cute; Vince would be lying if he claimed not to enjoy watching them interact. (Note: that's a Depeche Mode shirt that Angelus is wearing)

* Thema adjusts Pavo's coat for him. These two were having weekly get-togethers long before Vince moved in.

* Jessamine's forthright nature comes in handy sometimes.

* Basic concepts for the rest of the crew, i.e. "the Rozies who would fit DV Project plus one new face".

** Erik Haller is something of an enigma to the public--and he'd have to be, to keep them from catching onto just how many assassins are in employ within the Terran Alliance. Like many others in his profession, Haller is a Praetorian (i.e. combat cyborg), technically second gen; officially, only the survivors of LADNAH's mass conversion are recognized as "second gen", but Haller was converted with tech close to it--something he doesn't see as significant, but his latest target, Vince, certainly does. Cold though he is, he's conflicted between his job, his Catholic faith, and gut feeling that his handlers aren't telling him everything.

[Changes from Inm.: went from android to cyborg; the idea for that change came from a question Forrest asked me on Discord. He gained a first name to go along with this.]

** Euphemia-5814 is an oracle, an older model of gynoid that's still in production for their sharp analytical skills; she, like all oracles, is set apart from modern androids by her overtly-mechanical body and forehead crystal (largely for decoration). Euphemia's been partnered with Haller from the beginning, and dutifully guides him through his missions, no matter how grisly they get. In fact, she's loyal only to him.

Euphie, like many oracles, uses poli
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Posted on 2021-04-07 @ 11:36 PM
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