Various DVP Doodles Round 2

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Various DVP Doodles Round 1  by GeneralRADIX
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Concern  by GeneralRADIX
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Artist's comment:
Cross-post from dA.

* Pavo is the mother hen of the group, always making sure that everyone's taking care of themselves. Vince needs the reminders a bit more often than the others, and he quietly appreciates them...most of the time.

* It's not much of an exaggeration to say that Vince is happiest when he's with Dante.

* Raz attempts to ingratiate himself with Jessamine (poorly). See, Jess embodies many traits that Raz admires in other people--fierceness, fortitude, those sorts of things--but Jess's initial assessment of him is "complete and utter moron who's too damn tall". And Raz is not the most skilled at people-reading, at least when it comes to non-hostile displays.

Jess doesn't resort to suplexing him to get the point across, but she's probably considered it.

* If there's anything that Pavo and Sandy share in common, it's a deep-seated frustration over bureaucratic tedium. (In fact, it's likely the only thing they have in common, or at least have time to go over before shit at the Titan base hits the fan. Sandy is pretty cold towards him when they first meet, in part because he's got a Routine[TM] and he'll be goddamned if he'll let these strangers upend it--especially the chatty one. This doesn't last.)

* Vince finds Angelus kind of milquetoast at first, but learns to appreciate him for who he is before long. Enzo...would need more time; she'd find him to be outright boring, plus too similar in many respects to Dante. Angelus, not realizing (or caring about) this, tries to get her to hang out with him frequently, believing that she'll have an easier time adjusting to the idea of Vince having other people in his life if they make friends. He doesn't make much progress initially, but Enzo goes along with Angelus's attempts 'cuz, well, Vince seems to like him, and getting violent with the other femboy that's always nuzzling him isn't conductive to rebuilding that bridge.

Angelus, for his part, doesn't give up easily.

(Funtastic fact: I actually have that very shirt Angelus is wearing here; it was one of many Christian things I got from Grandma as a little kid, and while I'm sure I wore it at least once, I have no actual memory of doing so, and it doesn't fit me anymore. Angelus is generally more subtle about his faith than this, but dangit, I wanted an excuse for him to wear it.)

* Haller sticks to the shadows when he first comes on board; Thema might not be the first person to try and drag him back out, but she'd make the effort, even if she finds Haller's profession and mindset (where his faith is not concerned) to be utterly alien from a pacifistic standpoint.

* Dante spent several decades under the "protection" of his older brother Casimir and his splinter faction. While staying with him was probably the lesser of two torments compared to being stuck with Strauss, it was only marginally so; Dante had no freedom either way, nor an escape from emotional abuse. For all Casimir spoke of keeping Dante safe, he sure as hell didn't (and still doesn't) care about any feelings of Dante's that aren't conductive to this task, like "needing emotional validation" or "not wanting to spend all his time around murderous syndicate mooks". When Dante finally gives him the slip, one of Casimir's early options is to trick someone he knows wants to beat Dante to a bloody pulp, Enzo, into fetching him--more incentive for Dante to stay the fuck away from his brother.

(Note: Hokuto assisted with Casimir's dialogue)

* Vince, as ever, is not someone you want to piss off. Such as by, saaaaay, revealing to him that yes, your syndicate WAS broken off from the same one that shattered his life for their own benefit.
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Posted on 2021-04-08 @ 6:02 AM
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