Shadow - Sasuke solo
by Tiznow

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Cover Art for Shadow  by Tiznow
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Shadow's Itachi  by Tiznow
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Artist's comment:
Sasuke during his solo, Love Song, in my Shadow AU. He's singing one of his big brother's songs because he wants to be just like him.

The real life version of this song is actually performed by Rain because damn, those body rolls are fucking to die for...

I redrew this one because it was driving me nuts.
For all Naruto fandom m/m pairings.
Cover Art for Shadow  by Tiznow
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Shadow's Itachi  by Tiznow
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Content details:
• Category – Anime/Manga
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – N – Naruto – Sasuke
• Theme – Alternate Universe
• Theme – Muscle
• Theme – Pin-up
• Time Taken – 1-2 hours
• Tools – Traditional – Ball-point Pen
• Tools – Traditional – Coloured Pencils
Posted on 2021-04-15 @ 6:13 AM
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Tiznow: Working on a new Naruto fic...
Naruto- Leader/Main vocalist. Sasuke- lead vocalist. Gaara- Main Dancer. Neji- Lead Rapper/Visual. Haku- Main rapper (one)
Naruto- Leader/lead rapper. Sasuke- Main Dancer/ Face of the Group. Gaara- Main Rapper. Neji- lead dancer/Center. Haku- Main vocalist/visual (none)
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Naruto- Leader/Lead Dancer. Sasuke- Main Dancer/Face if the Group/Center. Gaara- Lead Rapper. Neji- Lead vocalist/Visual. Haku- Main Rapper (none)
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