Cursed Memories Chapter 1(Castlevania fanfic)

Title : Cursed Memories . AO3 link, link, AFF link
Status : In Progress
Words :N/A
Characters : Isaac Lafaroze, Hector
Summary : [Based on Curse of Darkness game and manga]
It seems after Isaac impatiently waiting for Hector's return to the castle, his former ally finally arrives. However, why exactly once been best friends have become sworn enemies? Read and find out.

Chapter 1. Introduction. Prelude to Darkness.

Inside one of the towers of Abandoned Castle~ A man around his mid-twenties was bored to tears, surrounded only by the cold dark-stoned castle walls. Apparently, this place became his shelter after a fateful encounter with the former devil forge-master. An encounter that in spite of being the most humiliating thing that ever happened to him, confirmed his one and only friend was turned into his most bitter enemy. After all, anyone who dares to go against Lord Dracula -anyone who betrays him-, deserves to die, just as much as these disgusting, rotten to the core, humans. Or so, Isaac genially believed while following whole-heartily the lord of darkness himself, who welcomed this redhead in his castle.

At this moment, the crimson forge-master grasps his tattooed chest around the heart area. Of course, if this redhead could, he would burn the image of his unconditionally adored lord Dracula. Perhaps, that may be the sign of the ultimate loyalty and dedication of his heart and mind to the prince of darkness. However, Isaac knew perfectly that such a gesture might be misunderstood and taken as a joke. Therefore, along the tattoos on his body, Isaac has the emblem of devil forge-masters all over his back as a sign of his commitment. But for now, this redhead walks towards the window.

Apparently, the scenery outside perfectly matched the eerie and grim atmosphere - the heavy dark clouds hiding even the slightest ray of light above the lonely landscape. Perhaps, only the silver moonlight beam made its way to enlighten the ruins of once know Castlevania. Nevertheless, the Dark Lord’s castle remains were isolated by a forest that was brimming with creatures of the night. These monsters lurked in silence, waiting for their unsuspecting preys to fell into their traps. Lastly, the castle itself looked like an unburied corpse: without its true master ruling, it wore down and was left alone to erode.

Meanwhile, the redhead forge-master was leaning his gloved arm against the cracked window frame, observing the surroundings. From the first glance, this man might remind a delicate doll painted with tattoos, who was tall and slim. However, those, who insult lord Dracula’s name or go against him, can see Isaac’s burning gaze filled with hatred before their quick perish. Usually, a knife or his trustworthy spear Chauve-souris are enough to remind anyone’s true place. Now, just like any other day, Isaac was patiently waiting for his precious master's return. Even when he knew that it wouldn't happen unless a certain person was present at the castle: Hector, his former ally and now sworn enemy, was needed for his master to come back. His body was the most suitable vessel for Lord Dracula's resurrection, that's why Isaac made sure that the blue haired forge-master would find his way to the castle. Hector WILL show up.

Speaking of the devil, all of a sudden, Isaac widen his eyes and gets alerted. However, it was followed by curving a delightful smile on his face. Now as this man brushes the hair from his face, his eyes sparkles with malicious excitement. That’s right, one of the former Dracula’s generals rushes towards the stone bridge. Apparently, this curly haired silver-head was even wearing the armor with the devil forge-master emblem on the back side. Once this silver-head was on the bridge, Isaac speaks up ‘‘So, you finally came, Hector… the traitor.’’.

Right now, behind his back a silver demon with ebony feathered wings and the purple crystal in the middle of his chest, shows up. Of course, the red forge-master didn’t need to turn back to see who was behind him. He knew that it was his trustworthy pet, the Innocent Devil - Abel. As this demon was close to his master, Isaac addresses him ‘‘Looks like we have a special guest, Abel. So, how about we give him a nice and warm greeting?’’. Meanwhile, the redhead walks towards the wooden door with such a delightful face, his pet remains silent and expressionless face. Yet, Abel just follows his master downstairs to the country-yard.
Under the Demon's Sweet Spell  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
Alright, bois and gals, I finally decided to add a humble contribution to the series, which made me grew into the current person. So, yeah, apparently, Mina is silently lurking in Castlevania fandom for more than a decade? xD Yet only after long years and training my writing, I felt a bit more confident. However, instead of making something for Dawn of Sorrow, which was my very first -vania and which introduced to Castlevania back in the day I've decided to go with Curse of Darkness.

Even so, when I tried CoD for the first time, I was honestly scared of Isaac and covered my eyes (''why that man wore nothing!? I don't wanna fight a naked man! Please, wear normal clothes! '' - this is was my first reaction x'D oh dear, back in the day that was the most hardcore things to handle) But it seems that as time went, I got use to that outfit, and it seems that I wanted to learn more about this character. So, it seems that folks making fics from Hector's perspective, that's why I wanted to try to make some character justice for Isaac and kinda partially make something opposing these fics ( So, thanks to Helendorf's stories and her CoD fics, I wanted to make something from Isaac's POV.)

Besides, even after recently re-watching all game cutscenes (ENG and JP versions), re-reading the manga and twice fact-check, I could see a lot of potential for Isaac.

Anyway, this my first -vania fic, so, please, let me know, if I'm not too off (Sorry for sounding as an inexperienced and beginner writer - -'''')
And, of course,

[Originally published on AO3 and on 2021/04/18, last update on 2021/04/18]

Chapter 1. Introduction. Prelude to Darkness

Next chapter~ Chapter 2. Cursed Orphans
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Posted on 2021-04-18 @ 1:48 PM
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