Ship Meme (Dai and Kira)
by ero6

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Mistletoe  by ero6
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Happy Pride!  by ero6
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Artist's comment:
Learn more about my webcomic characters, Dai and Kira!

Big spoon/little spoon - Obviously Dai is the big spoon

Lends/borrows clothes - Kira would borrow a sweater or jacket or something but he wouldn’t wear Dai’s clothes. They don’t have the same taste

Pet names - Aside from ‘baby’, Dai’s petnames for Kira are 'Ki’ and 'Kitty’. Occasionally Kira calls Dai 'Puppy’. They are super corny and they know it.

Introvert/Extrovert - Kira is definitely an introvert. Dai is mostly extroverted (he seems moreso in the comic right now because he is curious about the world)

Affection - Dai shows his love through actions like gift giving, cooking, kissing etc. while Kira is more apt to express through words (once he gets over the shyness)

Confesses first - Uh spoilers( ? ) i guess but Kira makes his intentions known first but they probably say 'i love you’ for the first time around the same time

Bugs - Dai doesn’t like bugs but he wouldn’t hurt them. Kira likes bugs.

Driving - Kira will learn to drive first and be more into it. Dai likes public transportation.

Can’t cook/cooks dinner - Kira knows some things about cooking but Dai is a natural and almost always makes dinner

PDA - Kira doesn’t like public displays of affection, Dai doesn’t care who sees

Overprotective/chill going - Wasn’t sure how to interpret this one. They feel naturally protective of each other but aren’t overly paranoid or anything

Relationship experience - They are both limited in that

Horny level - They are very well suited to each other in that area!

Awkwardness level - this one was hard too cause they are both awkward in different ways. But once Dai gets his sealegs, so to speak, he’s not actually that awkward. Meanwhile Kira as a shy introvert so… you know

Jealousy level - I don’t want to imply that they feel unhealthy levels of jealousy but they are very monogamous so take that as you will

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SlumberParty - Beach   by Phoerencomics
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Posted on 2021-04-21 @ 8:21 PM
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