Inner Heart
by uzukun

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This is Our Last Evolution!  by uzukun
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TakaRi Antidote  by uzukun
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Artist's comment:
This is my depiction about 02!Takeru’s inner heart (true feelings).

02!Takeru is mostly known as constantly smiling yet also evasive boy. And also a shockingly scary boy when rage gets better on him (Episode 11, 19, 34, and 35 are examples of this side of Takeru). Yet he is never seen crying or shed a single tear in entire 02. Either it is a massive character development from Adventure or it is just seemingly well-hidden beneath his mask (as he has emotional breakdown again in Tri Part 3).

Here is Takeru’s inner heart. He sits alone in a spacious yet empty void, crying alone. He attempts to hide his crying face so no one sees his broken and pathetic self. The traumatic experiences in his childhood (during Adventure especially) leaves a huge scar in his soul that it becomes a liability for him to be true on his feelings. Therefore, his constantly happy and chill attitude are coping mechanisms on his damaged psyche. And while the said psyche is threatened (eg: harming Patamon), he will mostly react with anger to the said threat. It also results in Takeru having troubled interaction with his peers: fighting with Daisuke in Episode 11, almost jeopardizing his friendship with Hikari in Episode 13, his whole ordeal (especially in his dogfight against Digimon Kaizer) in Episode 19, and frightening Iori with his angry outbursts in Episode 34+35, rendering them unable to unlock Jogress Evolution.

Of course the only way to heal is to be open and honest about his own feelings. And Takeru realizes that himself in Episode 37 after listening to some info dump from Qinglongmon. He starts to appreciate Iori’s effort in understanding him, and treats Ken as a friend with a goodwill.
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This is Our Last Evolution!  by uzukun
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TakaRi Antidote  by uzukun
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Posted on 2021-08-03 @ 12:05 PM
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