Vampire's Kiss chapter 31

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Cursed Memories Chapter 3(Castlevania fanfic)  by Minachan95
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Breaking through the Night  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
Vampire's Kiss chapter 31. Unreachable Sin part 17

Okay, aaand I'm back with a new chapter. So, maybe it's not the project, which people want to see (yup, for some reason, I've noticed that people are sticking to Fading Blossom in the Sand, like insects to the honey (Why???? How come a dark science fantasy is more attractive? I don't get it, I simply don't.)
Anyway, this chapter is more or less like a warm-up before the big boss fight. That's right, the next chapter would be the conclusion of current arc ( * ́꒳`*)੭
Yup, after that I wanna work on incubus Orochi backstory arc, which is set before he meets Shingo. It can't be helped that I fell for them. So, I blame that one rp, which from crack-fic become into a thing and leaded to write unpublished first fanfic ever (Orochi-sama is simply the beauty, the grace, the... perfection ♡〜ლ(๑癶ᴗ癶๑)ლ〜♡ )
As always, enjoy!~

1st Chapter~ Chapter 1

Previous Chapter~ Chapter 30. Unreachable Sin. Part 16

Next Chapter~ Unreachable Sin part 18

*sigh* and for now, I feel like I'm into the mood to write a very self-indulgent one-shot before September 30th. Yet, still struggling between picking the OTP wholesome content (incubus Orochi and priest Shingo fic), or ''what if...'' type fic (Yup, how would hunter Iori's first encounter vs vampire Kyo would end up, if this vampire would still have his hypnotizing voice).
Both ideas are fun to write, but which to pick first?
''That's a good question, Megaman.'' - Doctor Light, Megaman 8 english dub.
So, let me know what is closer to your heart.
And in meantime-
As always - see you next time!~
For all your vampire needs!
Vampire's Kiss chapter 30  by Minachan95
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Vampire's Kiss chapter 33   by Minachan95
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Posted on 2021-08-20 @ 11:44 AM
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