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1 on the catnip scale...  by MJEsperandieu
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Mihashi pitching a massive tent  by MJEsperandieu
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Artist's comment:
Captain Future and (an aged-up version of) Ken Scott from Captain Future...this was mostly an experiment regarding the background, actually, but I felt it was still kinda worthwhile. And it went surprisingly smoothly...gliding on the power of nostalgia or something like that? :XD:
Content details:
• Category – 2D
• Category – 3D
• Category – Anime/Manga
• Category – Fan Art
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – C – Captain Future – Captain Future
• Theme – Alternate Universe
• Theme – Costumes/Regalia
• Theme – OOC
• Theme – Romance
• Theme – Sci-Fi
• Theme – Shounen-ai/Soft core
• Theme – Slash
• Time Taken – 1-2 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Clip Studio Paint
• Tools – Digital – 3D – Blender
Posted on 2021-10-29 @ 11:57 PM
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Posted comments
Yeah, but calling him just "Captain Retro" would be kinda cruel. :XD:
# Posted on 2022-04-10 @ 11:39 PM
Ah Captain Future and grown up Ken! How lovely! :)
# Posted on 2022-01-28 @ 11:26 PM
Thanks a lot! The very first anime I ever watched, in fact, all that time ago. :happyhappy:
# Posted on 2022-02-13 @ 11:39 PM
It's great!
# Posted on 2021-11-06 @ 11:40 AM
Thanks! :happyhappy:
# Posted on 2021-11-07 @ 8:52 PM
Looks good!
# Posted on 2021-10-30 @ 2:09 PM
Thanks a lot! :happyhappy:
# Posted on 2021-11-07 @ 9:03 PM
SO HOT! I have always loved this style and so many of the looks of the time. I'm always delighted to see this era of design in your work, they're always so sensually appealing and gorgeous!
Please bookmark my official site :heart2: :heart3:

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# Posted on 2021-10-30 @ 12:40 AM
Thanks, happy to hear that! :XD: I'm always suspecting myself of run-away nostalgia, as far as those classic styles are concerned, so it's good to have a second opinion on that...
# Posted on 2021-11-07 @ 9:12 PM
Naw, this franchise is from the innocent and harmless age of science fiction. :XD:
# Posted on 2021-11-07 @ 9:12 PM
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