Crow and Pumpkin 1

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Pinktober - Day 26 - Eyes  by frostyshark
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Crow and Pumpkin 2  by frostyshark
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Artist's comment:
I need to go thru my old art and post more - I still have so much unposted art

Crow and Pumpkin boy -
a newer version of them can be found in my pinktober prompt

If I redraw this, I'm sooooo making pumpkin's clothes skimpy lolol
The OC club!
Reaper - Halloween 2021  by ???
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Crow and Pumpkin 2  by frostyshark
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Handsome safe-for-work art doesn't always get the love it deserves. If your characters are fully-clothed and not being blatantly sexual or violent, they are welcomed. Romance is okay! Everyone is welcome to submit.
A sunny day ft android #17  by ???
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Crow and Pumpkin 2  by frostyshark
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Content details:
• Category – 2D
• Category – Anime/Manga
• Category – Original
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – Original
• Theme – OC (Original Characters)
• Theme – Shounen-ai/Soft core
• Theme – Supernatural/Fantasy
• Theme – Kemonomimi
• Time Taken – Who knows?
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Photoshop
Posted on 2021-10-31 @ 4:34 PM
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