The Suit - Chapter 6
by imlikat

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The Suit - Chapter 5  by imlikat
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aftercare  by imlikat
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Artist's comment:
A/N: Oh jeez XD OKAY, SO, I think i said before that large chunks of this story played out in my head like movies. When it got to this part, I was like NOOOO, NOT THE SAD PART! Because you see, I see this fic as kind of a popcorn-movie of a fic, and in those kinds of romcoms, there's always THE SAD PART, you know, the part where someone is lonely and they play moody indie music. When I sat down to write the fic, I thought about getting rid of this part completely, but that didn't feel right... it felt like if I did that, the story would just dry up, and I wouldn't be able to finish it. So, I left it in.

Also, this was originally two chapters? I'm not really sure how it was, though, lol. But that's why there are two lyric parts. Speaking of lyrics, all the lyrics I've used, and in some cases the whole songs, are meant to be Chad's POV. I know it's not obvious, but it was fun picking them out that way :) And I like the idea - he's a quiet guy, kind of hard to read, but he is a music kind of guy, so I know he's got songs that he listens to for different moods and situations, even if they're not the ones I've chosen for this story :)

I'll have the next chapter up soon :) Thanks for reading! <3

Lyrics (c) Radiohead - Idioteque
Lyrics (c) Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You

Strong and Silent
Aesthetics and Pride
Harmonious Contrast
imlikat's indecent coloring club
Y'all got some more of them crack ships?
i have hundreds of pictures i'm going to eventually try to upload, slowly. if there's a specific one you want to see, let me know and if i have it i'll try to get it uploaded :)

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A club for works featuring Bleach's Sado "Chad" Yasutora
The Suit - Chapter 5  by imlikat
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aftercare  by imlikat
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A fanclub for the pairing of Sado "Chad" Yasutora and Ishida Uryuu
The Suit - Chapter 5  by imlikat
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aftercare  by imlikat
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A Quincy fanclub
The Suit - Chapter 5  by imlikat
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aftercare  by imlikat
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Posted on 2021-11-08 @ 1:18 AM
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