Shadival: An Ultimate Celestial Entity

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Nebulal Violeta Sketch Page 2021  by LunaMothChan
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Passerine Radiance  by LunaMothChan
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Artist's comment:
Shadivil and Nebulal, my two space gods, have fused into an ultimate being. My space gods transcend gender but they appear “male” though they can change forms at will.

I created this last year right before contracting “the ykw virus” which knocked me out for nearly two months even though I was recently fully vaxxed at the time. I had plans to revisit the design since it’s weak but I haven’t gotten around to doing so since I had other problems to deal with outside of art block, brain fog and fatigue.
A place to submit beautiful space gods and other beings related to or inspired by our universe. OCs and fan art welcome.✨🌌
Nebulal Violeta Sketch Page 2021  by LunaMothChan
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Golden  by Swansong
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The OC club!
Femboy Swap Round 4  by GeneralRADIX
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Renny  by kissmesharply
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Content details:
• Category – 2D
• Category – Anime/Manga
• Category – Original
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – Original
• Theme – OC (Original Characters)
• Theme – Long Hair
• Theme – Spirituality/Religion
• Theme – Supernatural/Fantasy
• Time Taken – 2-4 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Procreate
• Tools – Traditional – Mechanical Pencil
Posted on 2022-05-10 @ 2:29 AM
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