I'll Come During the Restless Night [ShiAki one-shot]

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Picking The Stepped Flowers [ShiAki one-shot]   by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
Alright, new month -new challenge!~
However, this time it just happened that it will be two chapter length one-shot...
*sigh* So, Aarinfantasy may see only this chapter.

A-anyway, even during the work process, I couldn't help myself, but have The Feels and shy out like student -///-'
So, sorry for my immaturity.

And yeah, this chapter might be focusing on the sleep deprivation part while the next one gonna be like a bonus, and another way of the commander spoiling his adored secretaryā¯¤
Perhaps, this time Akira may also learn about the line between hard-work and devotion, and where the workaholism begins.

As always,
Content details:
• Category – Literature
• Category – Video Games
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – T – Togainu no Chi – Shiki
• Series – T – Togainu no Chi – Akira
• Theme – Comfort
• Theme – Shounen-ai/Soft core
• Theme – Slash
• Theme – Slice of Life
• Time Taken – Who knows?
• Tools – Literary Work – Prose/Stories
Posted on 2022-09-21 @ 11:44 AM
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