Plastic Love IncuVerse Style

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Disco Duc  by hushicho
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Artist's comment:
Everyone knows the famous "Plastic Love" shot. Takeuchi Mariya forever! :heart:

I've finally started posting my new comic IncuVerse, set around the shop Phantasies in Port-Au-Feu, the City of Lamps, and the noble Incubi and friends who run the shop.

Check it out! It's free to read on the Duck, though you might need to make an account to view mature titles. I appreciate the support very much!
Please bookmark my official site :heart2: :heart3:

If you like gay-friendly roleplay, check out Wilde Adventures! Message me if you have any questions!

y!Gallery is no place for censorship. Please have the integrity not to censor your works in order to promote Patreon or any other sales.
Get in loser, we're going to Hell.
Amethystos and Amethyst Flowers   by LunaMothChan
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Kiss of Amethyst   by LunaMothChan
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BDSM Boys - Page 215  by Animefanka
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Stay-Ch 21 Pages 1-2  by frostyshark
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• Category – Comics
• Category – Meme
• Category – Original
• Critique – Discouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – Original
• Theme – OC (Original Characters)
• Theme – Satire/Parody
• Theme – Supernatural/Fantasy
• Time Taken – Who knows?
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Clip Studio Paint
Posted on 2022-09-22 @ 12:56 AM
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