Curzio at Watch
by obieblu

Curzio at Watch
Undead Rogue  by obieblu
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Artist's comment:
Curzio is a half-orc pirate that I'm currently roleplaying in an online D&D game. I'm also NPCing his full-orc brother (no art). They're from a region that is akin to medieval France, so I went researching old French names, then orc-ized them.
There's more of him to be seen on my Patreon.

The Tarask Brothers
Kaz Tarask was an impressive orc. He was intelligent as well as strong. Kaz rose to captain of his own ship, after killing the previous captain, of course, and eventually was killed himself in glorious battle. His sons, however, haven't attained that level of status or fame, their father's intelligence and strength having been disributed independently between them. Myrl was born to Kaz's orc wife, and he was blessed with the strength and worst traits of his race. Curzio was born to a beautiful princess that Kaz kidnapped from a ship he took. The princess unfortunately fell victim to Kaz's wife when he returned from sea, but he managed to keep their baby alive. The brothers grew up mostly at sea with their father, until their ship was destroyed. Myrl swam to shore, dragging Curzio with him, probably to keep him alive to keep insulting because of his stature and intelligence. With little else to do, the brothers signed up on first pirate ship they could find. They both have thick accents of their homeland (sounds French).

Curzio Tarask
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Orc
Role: Pirate Strategist
Affiliated groups: Black Hornet
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 pounds
Eye color: Gray
Hair color: Black
Build: Strong/Athletic

Curzio was named as an insult to his mother's courtly history, but he inherited much of her looks. While not small or weak by any standard, he pales in comparison to his brother who never lets him forget it. One can see the family resemblance when they're together. 'Curzi' as he is called by those who look down on him, secretly reads any book he can lay his hands on. He learned a lot about maritime warfare from his father, and he tries to inject himself into strategy conversations whenever he can. Despite this, Curzi seems feel his place is in his brother's shadow. He relies on speed more than strength and wields two scimitar he plundered from a foreign ship. His body is also decorated with tattoos, because tattoos just happen to pirates.
Content details:
• ??? – Teen Senior
• Category – 3D
• Category – Derivative
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – D – Dungeons and Dragons
• Theme – Muscle
• Theme – Pin-up
• Theme – Supernatural/Fantasy
• Time Taken – 4-8 days
• Tools – Digital – 3D – Daz Studio
Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 9:21 AM
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