Muscle Tit Showdown
by FallenX

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Benkei Monk  by FallenX
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Lovers  by FallenX
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Artist's comment:
A tit stare-down image of Earth Dragon King Raylgon and Asterion the Minotaur. These two characters never actually meet in the storyline but there is a long history of animosity between the race of Dragons and Minotaurs. Which enplanes why Asterion does not look too happy.
For all your muscly needs
Wakan  by Sirio
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Just a little peek  by ???
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Content details:
• ??? – Ageless
• Category – 2D
• Category – Original
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – Anthropomorphic
• Series – Original
• Theme – Anthro/Furry
• Theme – Muscle
• Time Taken – 4-8 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Clip Studio Paint
Posted on 2020-08-27 @ 8:04 PM
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Posted comments
Asterion looks cute when he's grumpy, I'm sure they could bridge the gap between their respective races if they just a nice talk followed by hours upon hours of rolling around wrapped in each others' beefy arms.:cool:

Seriously, love their facial expressions and how they contrast each other and goddamn do their man mammaries look insanely good, Asterion's nipple was made for tugging on!:heart:
# Posted on 2020-08-28 @ 1:26 AM
Haha if only all life problems could be solved that way. Well, I can wish!
Thanks for liking them and their tuggable nipples. :happy2:
# Posted on 2020-09-01 @ 11:11 PM
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