Kidnapped Ch 2

Chapter 2: Planning

Author Note: Thumbnail by me~ Enjoy the chapter.

Barty walked over to Lucius, nodding that part of their plan was done. " He's locked in the last room on the left on the first floor. I want Narcissa to do a few health scans to see if he can manage the ceremony when we decide to do it. I want you do do the scans before and after the ceremony just to compare notes as well." He said, turning towards her and to help ease his mind with the troubled feeling he had when looking at the boy. "He looks like he's underweight at the very least. We should rectify that at the very least before we use him. We should also call that preliminary meeting now while everyone is still here."

Narcissa nodded to Barty, agreeing to do some health scans to see how the boy was. She left to go start the scans while the others would converge for a meeting to discuss when would be appropriate to start the ceremony. She didn't really mind missing the meeting anyway, rather having something to do instead if just sitting and listening. At least this way she was being useful.

She promptly went to the door, unlocking and re-locking it from the inside only to find she did not really need to lock it again while she was here to check on the boy. Harry was currently passed out on the bed, sleeping in what she hoped was a restful sleep. One look at the boy and she was concerned as well, probably more than Barty. She would kill anyone who treated Draco in this manner. Though she was relieved he was asleep so that she could scan him uninterrupted.

She called for a house elf to bring some food for their guest, knowing he would eat them after she and Severus were done with him. She also knew he might not wake long enough to eat tonight but the food would be fine under a charm to keep it fresh. She also noticed Barty was right, he looked very underweight and she had a feeling that was the least of his problems.

Narcissa decided to do the quicker scan first which would list current issues first, then she would do the other scans. She also knew Harry had been in a Muggle area just by the clothes he was wearing. They looked much too big for the tiny boy though. She did the first scan, a medical report appearing from her wand. She nodded as she went over it, choosing to do the other scans before going over it a second time.

The first scan had told her what she already knew, the boy was underweight for his age. He also had some broken bones that healed incorrectly. The other medical scans made the medical report lengthen to at least that of a four foot parchment. She grabbed it once she was done scanning the boy, choosing to go over it herself first before she would bring it to Severus to go over. He wouldn't be happy with what was on it. She gasped as she read over the notes, putting the boy in stasis while leaving and locking the door again just in case any wandering Death Eater wandered in and tried to harm him. She was appalled at the extent of damage done to a six year old child. She would let the others know of the results after she conversed with Severus about them.

Narcissa found Severus easily enough, knowing he was always in a potions lab no matter where he was. Whether at home, Hogwarts, or any manor he visited. It was quite predictable. She found it humorous but was also glad that he was easy to find. She knocked before coming in, Severus having stopped tending to the three cauldrons and putting them under stasis.

"How bad is it?" Severus couldn't help but ask before Narcissa had a chance to speak. He hated the boy's father but that did not mean he was anything like him, though heard the boy resembled him a lot. If anyone had been surprised at the boy's treatment it would be Severus. Dumbledore said he was probably being pampered by his Muggle relatives like the celebrity the Wizarding World claimed him to be. He tried to hide the fact he was curious about the results of the scans, having known where Dumbledore left the boy. He knew soon as he heard the name Dursley that it could go one way or the other. He had to coax the information out of Dumbledore after attending many a social outing with the Headmaster, looking back on it he suppressed a shudder.

He deemed the Dursleys to be unfit in raising anyone, especially a magical child. He grew up with Lily and Petunia and she was unkind even then, jealous of her sister. He had also begrudgingly went to Lily's wedding when he got an invitation, meeting Vernon as well as a more adult Petunia. Things hadn't changed as far as he could tell, looking back on his thoughts.

"You should sit down and we can discuss this." Narcissa said as she showed Severus the four foot parchment. He nodded and followed Narcissa into a sitting room not far from the Lab. She then handed the parchment to Severus when they sat in the sitting room. She knew when he got to a particularly bad part as she witnessed him grow more pale than he normally was. There were tons of injuries noted on the medical history of the boy, but it could have been so much worse than just abuse.

Severus was slightly disturbed but also predicted the injuries based on what he knew of the Dursley's. He had a lot of regret and anger at Albus for bringing the boy there in the first place. It was tenfold now that he knew they treated him poorly. Once he got back to Hogwarts he was contemplating on chewing the headmaster out. For now though, he would help Narcissa to heal the boy to the best of their ability. Physical healing would be easier, it was the mental healing he knew would take more time.

They still had to go to a meeting and plan what had to be done, but that could wait for a few days. Narcissa also knew if her sister Bellatrix found out the boy was here it could either be a disaster or a blessing. She knew Bella would blame the boy for killing their Lord but also knew if she saw the injuries on the small boy she might have a change of heart. Narcissa was still not going to tell her the boy was here, at least not yet.

Harry had been neglected and abused, but at least he wasn't sexually abused by his relatives. That in itself was a little bit of a reprieve for Severus and Narcissa. It meant the emotional abuse was not as severe as they thought as they read over the parchment.

Harry awoke to someone in the room, everything flooding back to him as he looked at this stranger. The person was different than the one who brought him to this place but he also didn't know what they were going to do to him. He looked expectantly at the stranger, waiting for him to talk and also wondering where exactly he was.

Severus went to see for himself how the boy was, checking him over and noticing more scars and welts than any normal child should have. They would have to get the boy to a good weight before using him to bring their Lord back. He knew their Lord would have the last word on what they would do with the boy. Voldemort would decide whether to kill the boy as he had tried to do in the first place, only for that to fail, or to keep him alive and potentially recruit the boy to their cause or have him be neutral.

Severus removed the stasis Narcissa had on the boy, removing some healing and nutrient potions from his robes. He called for a house elf to bring some tea and biscuits as well, knowing Narcissa had an elf bring other foods earlier. He then sat down in one of the chairs in the room and waited for the boy to wake on his own.

Severus looked at the boy as he sat up and stared at him, giving him time to remember what happened before he would get him to drink the tea that had a strong calming drought mixed into it. It would be easier for him to answer any questions the boy had while the boy was calm. "I will answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability but first, tea?" He would force the boy to drink it if he refused the tea, relieved when the boy nodded to have the tea. He watched the boy walk over to add sugar and milk to the tea, watching as he looked unsure of what to add to it. Narcissa would interrogate the boy later about his treatment at his supposed relatives, while Severus offered to answer any questions the boy may have had.

Harry walked over to the table, putting the amount of sugar and milk that he thought he might like in his tea. He was also making it the way he knew his Aunt Petunia had liked it. He was never allowed to indulge in tea time, always too busy being locked up or doing chores to be offered that reprieve. He sipped at the tea and hummed in delight, satisfied at the sweetness. He grabbed a few biscuits and went to go sit back on the bed, looking towards the broody man before thinking of a few questions he wanted answers to.

"Where am I? Who are you and how many of you are there? Where did that other man go that brought me here? Why am I here and does my family know?" Harry asked, almost all at once if not for the calming drought in the tea he was currently sipping at. He looked up at the man expectantly while nibbling on one of the biscuits he took from the tray earlier.

Severus sighed at the list of questions but knew they were coming soon as the boy had woken up. "Somewhere safe, I cannot specify where at this moment. I am Severus, I know a great deal about you. More than you even know about yourself. You will meet with the others soon enough. I very well doubt your supposed family would care where you are, would they?" He didn't think the Dursley's would care as they clearly thought the boy was a burden shoved onto them by the way they treated him. Even Dumbledore didn't know the boy had gone missing.

Harry shrugged, not knowing how the Dursley's would feel. Severus walked over, carrying a couple vials. "Drink these, this one first." Severus held up a nutrient potion, also holding an advanced healing potion in his other hand as well. "This one will help you put on some healthy weight while the other will heal most of the damage the Dursley's caused." Severus said, holding them out for Harry to take.

Harry looked skeptical but took the first vial and drank it, grimacing afterwards at the aftertaste before doing the same with the second vial. Severus brought over a glass of water, knowing it could be a bit thick and not the best tasting things around. He could make them taste better but chose not to as it would mess up the strength of the potions. "You will feel the need to sleep while they fix you up. You will be taking that first one for at least two weeks. You do not have free reign of this manor and your door will be locked for your safety, but you are safe here." With that done Severus left, locking the door so Harry wouldn't try to leave and get himself killed while he himself was off to brew more of the potions for the boy.
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