Fading Blossom in the Sand chapter 1

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For All These Troubles...chapter 1  by Minachan95
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Fading Blossom in the Sand chapter 3  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
Author note from 2019/12/26 :

*sigh* it seems that it would be my last project this year. So, another serial, but this time, it maybe the darkest thematic project, I'm worked so far. How it will end? Not sure, but surely, it's gonna be stressful experience in this dystopian AU. Please, forgive me, cos sci-fi was never my thing, so, now like exploring unknown horizons. For now adding first 2 chapters (rn working on 3rd, even so, I wanted this be a one-shot - -' )Anyway, Happy Holidays and New Year! ^^ May New Year will be a better than this year and bring calmness and peace....As always, thank you for reading and enjoy!

Chapter 1.
Next chapter~ Chapter 2


Credit: The photo was made by Matthew Henry burst.shopify.com/phot····t+flower
Content details:
• Category – Literature
• Category – Video Games
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kyo Kusanagi
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Shingo Yabuki
• Theme – Alternate Universe
• Theme – Sci-Fi
• Time Taken – 8-12 days
• Tools – Literary Work – Prose/Stories
Posted on 2020-09-02 @ 11:48 AM
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