Just a Little Murder 3 and 4
by Strailo

Part 3

He had moved onto researching his three other targets and found himself kind of bored with them. One was a guy who was running a rather nasty little slave ring that in the public eye was a LGBTQ+ safe house and shelter outside of his nightlife with a gun. Another was a so called ‘housewife’ whose dear husband was stepping out on her with his pretty little secretary.

Who was a male.

And of course the last one was actually sleeping with a higher classed freelance assassin.

They were all dull to him but they did do their jobs properly. He really found it interesting though that their Masters had been Masterless Assassins that had taught them somewhat good enough.

Grunting and flopping back into his chair, he tapped his nails rhythmically, and debated the pros and cons of calling his own Master and now boss with the information that he had discovered. He did have some wine in his system, and while it didn’t do much beyond making him more expressive after three or four glasses of the better stuff his Master was picky. It would probably end up in his Master giving him a Look and then ignoring the fact that he had alcohol in his system.

Still, he did so hate those Looks.

Huffing, he reached out and saved the report that he had been working on before he closed the file, saving the links that he had found for later reading. He would need them to make sure that his report was fully fleshed out after all. With that done, he opened his favorite IM and logged in with one of the many names that he used. Finding that his master was on, he clicked the call option and waited for him to answer.

“I had a feeling that you would be calling me sometime during this job, Aran.” Aran rolled his eyes in a mix of amusement and annoyance.

“Yes, yes, yes. You are all knowing, Kilen,” he drawled, waving a hand. “I managed to find out a few things about my targets.”

“Tell me,” Kilen instructed, ignoring the half empty wine glass that sat just outside of the laptop camera’s view. He had a feeling that he would be needing his own glass of something strong by the time that his Student had finished with his basic verbal report.

That thought was proven right when Aran finished ten minutes later, twitching and obviously holding onto his need to kill someone with a show of extreme will power. It wasn’t as if his young Student had much sanity or morals going for him as it was, but to see him want someone’s blood this badly was rare.

Finding his hidden bottle of scotch and glass, Kilen poured some into the glass and drained it quickly, the burn soothing some of his own bubbling anger. “I will do my own research into your last target. And into your first. Call me after you have dealt with the second one,” he instructed. Aran wrote down a note with a nod. “I want a full report of everything that will happen. Record it if you have to. Fuck them if it comes down to it. But he wants them taken out. They are generating to much chaos and that is never a good thing in this world.”

Aran gave his Master’s face a searching look before he nodded. “Very well. I shall start my surveillance on my first target tomorrow afternoon. I have to swing by a shop to pick up a few things,” he said as he started a list of supplies to get. “Can you send me a list of safe houses in the various cities?” he asked, sending the list that he had compiled to his Master.

Kilen smirked at his Student, green eyes dancing with mirth. “I will send you the list in an hours time. Until then, continue with your planning.

With those instructions, he ended the call. Aran hummed and drained the last of the wine. He had a feeling that the rest of his job was going to be interesting. Putting the glass down, he wondered what Katlin was up to and if she was doing her usual Bathory impersonation with her latest job.

Part 4

Staring at the building that held the club his target was visiting, Aran sucked harshly on the sucker in his mouth, twisting it around with his tongue. He had followed her to her favorite hotspot and mourned a little at the fact that she had an actual schedule, and a predictable one at that. One that he had figured out on the first day.

It hurt him in his professionalism that people actually paid her to do his job.

“I have to say that if someone isn’t watching her or doesn’t know about her, they’re slipping up rather badly. Either that or she’s been really lucky so far,” he snorted, eyes flicking to the small computer that was recording his words. Pulling his sucker out of his mouth, he wrapped it up in it’s own wrapping and pulled out his usual “Playing the Designated Driver, so kicking it in car,” sign and stuck it in his window.

He continued to watch the entry to the club, occasionally looking at his phone and flicking through the hacked live feed of the camera’s that were over each of the doors and inside. It didn’t take him long to find his target in a private room. He clicked his tongue as she chose an obviously well used body slave, one that looked like he was an inch from falling into a grave, and flicked to an outside view on his phone.

“Reminder: Call the Master and tell him about this club. No doubt that he can get the place raided and get the body slaves some kind of help. Or if not, the option to find a proper Master who can help them piece together their minds again,” he said, watching the words appear on his computer screen. Plugging his phone into his car charger, he set it to a multi-camera view before he pulled out a small tablet and starting to play a game on it.

He was only bothered once when a nice bouncer from the club that he was parked next to handed him a sealed bottle of water and a sealed bottle of soda, along with a ‘free meal’ ticket from the fast food place on the other side of them. He had fun flirting with the guy, getting his number and promising to call when he wasn’t playing ‘taxi’ to his so called ‘friends’.

Checking the video feed, he huffed softly. “Note: her style is basic. Vanilla. She does hit harder than is allowed in the good clubs, and will most likely kill her current body slave if she’s planning on doing what I’m thinking she will be. This bitch gives even banned Doms and Subs bad names,” he said. He snorted and shook his head. “Idea for when I deal with her: use her own whip, which is a rather nice one but still kind of cheap, to hang her from her ceiling. Might have to reinforce it with some steel wire so the cheap ass leather doesn’t break.”

Reaching out, he saved the file and flipped his computer down as he watched as his target pout at someone out of the camera frame as she folded a dildo and a strap-on harness before putting away all of her things. She let some big ass man unstrap the body slave from the horse that she had her strapped down to.

“The bitch can’t even take care of her things after a session, much less her sub. Slave or not, that’s just bad form,” he drawled as he tucked his computer away.

He waited until she had gotten to her car and started his own, pulling away from the club soon after to take a different route to her house, following the GPS bug that he had planted on her car a couple of days before.

“Ah, well, such is the bullshit that one goes through when hunting for untrained prey,” he mused when he drove past her house, taking in the fact that the lost were rather set apart. “Especially untrained prey that doesn’t know better and buys a home that is so far apart. Naughty girl. I bet that didn’t even think to do a double soundproofing of her home instead of just insulating it,” he said, smirking as he drove off.

He had just a bit more research to do yet before he could finally deal with the bitch that made his people look so bad. It was going to be fun when he did it.
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