His Vampires Mate 3
by Strailo

Staring at the journal that he had just finished reading, sighing as he sat back. It had been a week since he had been offered something that he hadn’t really realized that he wanted and Dracula had acted like he hadn’t destroyed every wall and denial of what he really wanted in a single offer. The journal had finished that off, going into detail about the way he and his people worked.

He had also gone into the village to sign for some papers and heard some of the people talk about how two boys had started to court, quieting at finding that he was listening. He told them that they had a lovely courtship and that the relationship worked out well for them. After that, while he had spent a few hours before being able to get back to the castle, they had talked to him about traditions in the village that no one spoke about to outsiders.

When he had asked the woman who took care of him, she had said that they most likely thought that he would be staying for quite a long time due to the nature of his work. He had blushed lightly at the knowing look before he had retired to his room. His host was doing other work for the night.

But now, after that trip to the village and thinking and reading, he was…at worst, curious. At best, really want to fulfil the dream that kept haunting him for the last week. Licking his lips nervously, having taken a long bath to clean every inch of his body, he dressed carefully and opened the door, blinking at finding the woman who cared for him often enough.

“Well, at least you left your hair down,” she teased, getting a blush from him. “Come on. The Count wants to speak with you in the privacy of his rooms,” she said, turning down the hall. Jonathan quickly padded after her, following her past the door that he had thought had been Dracula’s personal quarters, getting a soft chuckle from her. “That’s his…entertainment room. Those who walk into that room aren’t trusted enough to know where he rests,” she said.

Jonathan hummed, walking up with her up a set of stairs that spiraled up along the wall and leading to another floor entirely. She smiled and walked across the large room, the man taking in the large table that sat in the middle, the windows carefully covered with heavy curtains to keep the setting sun out before walking down a short hallway to a large heavy door.

She used a knocker on it and stepped back, bowing when Dracula opened the door, looking less formal than he normally did. Tunic untucked and unlaced, over a simple pair of trousers, his hair only partially pulled back, he was quite relaxed looking.

“Thank you for leading him here. We’ll ring for you if we need you,” he said, looking to the woman and getting a bow before she walked off. Dracula smiled at him and stepped back, allowing Jonathan to step into the room and see that there was already food waiting for them. “Breakfast?” he asked, Jonathan nodding his head and sitting down with a smile.

The two sat down together, eating lightly, Dracula sticking mostly to the fruit mixes that he seemed to prefer to anything with meat or the such. After eating, Jonathan looked at him, playing with his napkin. “The offer…”

“It includes everything that you wish to know, from actual physical pleasure to just talking about it,” Dracula said, watching Jonathan bite at his bottom lip. He waited until he saw the other blush and open his mouth before standing and moving around to lean against the table, bending so that he could tip the young man’s chin up with a soft smile. “Whatever you decide, I will quite happily help you with,” he promised.

Jonathan blushed again before looking down, feeling out of his league with the other man, who watched him with knowing eyes. “Even if it is the…physical side?” he asked, getting a small smile from Dracula.

“Yes, even then. I would not have made the offer the way I did if it didn’t include that side of things,” Dracula said, smiling as he took the seat next to Jonathan. “Let us talk. Have you ever laid with another in a sexual manner?” he asked.

Jonathan shifted. “Just some childish kissing. Nothing else,” he admitted softly, feeling something sooth in him at the soft, understanding smile. “School and work, and later my apprenticeship was always much to important for me to try…something that I had no real interest in. At least…”

“At least?” Dracula gently prompted, keeping the need to growl in approval of his chosen partner being untouched. And if he was guessing right, uncaring for the touch of a woman.

“At least when it came to women,” Jonathan admitted, picking up his teacup and sipping at the still hot liquid. The spice settled his nerves, allowing him to relax. He had a feeling that there was a reason why Dracula was asking him such things and wondered if most people who slept with those outside of their spouses did.

Dracula smiled. “I am sure that by now, you have learned that most of the village is uncaring about two males or two females becoming spouses,” Dracula said, Jonathan nodding his head. “That is mostly because of the land that we live in and the history that we are steeped in. We have found that most conventual morals are…useless here. Even I was raised with the morals of my home even if I have not always lived here.”

Jonathan smiled slightly, and played with the cup. “You want to ask me things.”

Dracula sat back and smiled. “Yes. I want to know what you are comfortable with. I doubt that I will be allowing you to leave my rooms tonight,” he admitted, Jonathan blushing. “Not just because I wish to indulge, but there is the fact that I care for my partners after our time in bed,” he said, Jonathan blinking a few times.

Dracula smiled and started to go over the simpler things that a proper lover did, deciding that if for some odd reason Jonathan did leave, he would be well prepared for any lover that came into his life. The vampire though wasn’t planning on letting him go so talked about how being gentle with someone their first time was a good way to introduce them to sex.

How various levels of roughness could happen depending on the people involved and what they did or did not like. He talked about information exchanging, even in the middle of sex and how very important it was that Jonathan didn’t just bear something that he didn’t enjoy. After all, sex was meant to be enjoyed, reveled in between the two, not just a one-person good time.

He spoke about how there were many practices out that would turn most of the Church goers hair white, taking about some of the most basic. Such as tying up one’s lover in intricate patterns using special ropes and clothes. Or dressing up in outfits that one would not normally do.

The entire time Jonathan blushed but asked questions, expanding on what Dracula was talking about. Mostly about the most basic of sexual encounters, but the vampire was counting that as a win for him.

“Now, Jonathan, my question is this,” Dracula started, standing and holding out his hand. “Will you allow me to take you to bed and show you the pleasures of the flesh this night?” he asked, smirking when a slim fingered, work calloused hand slid into his while high cheekbones blushed an appealing red.

Smiling, Dracula walked the other man away from the table and into another room that was lit with a variety of strategic candles and a fire burning merrily in the fireplace. The door closed behind them with a soft thud, leaving them in the quiet, anticipation starting to spike between them.
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