Don't Piss Off the PA 7
by Strailo

After they had eaten the dinner that they had brought back, allowing the cooks to set up for the food for the trips without worrying about getting food out, Ichigo left with Okoye to check on Clint. Walking into the room, he found that Clint was still hooked up to an IV but was eating something solid even with the lights on a medium brightness. “You’re looking much better,” Ichigo greeted as Clint pushed the rolling table away with a groan.

“Yeah. Dr. Strange told me that my headaches will start to lessen but that for now I need to stay hooked up to an IV because I don’t really want to eat or drink when I have one of them,” Clint said. He laid back against the pillows behind him, the back of his bed raised. “Makin’ sure that I’m not tryin’ to run?” he asked.

Ichigo tilted his head to the side before he shook it. “No, I’m just here to check in on you. See how you are doing for my own personal curiosity and my report.”

“I feel like that bubble that I told you about is ready to break and frustrated that it hasn’t. Or won’t. Dr. Strange sent a message that said that until he can drain the magic and close the pathways, I won’t be able to get rid of my anger and frustration. At least not fully.” Clint rubbed at his face. “I got a question. You don’t have to answer me...but…”

Ichigo took the seat that was in the room as the Dora Milaje eyed them before leaving with a nod at his smile. “I can’t promise that any answers that I give will make you happy, but you are free to ask.”

Clint sorted. “I wouldn’t doubt that, so don’t worry,” he said. “Can you tell me what you meant about Nat having to give a report?” he asked.

Ichigo sighed as he crossed his legs. “I don’t have all of the information. I’m pretty sure that you noticed that Romanoff’s charges boiled down to unlawful international border crossing, right?” he asked. Clint nodded. “As far as I know, she was working for the Accords council. Not for Ross. Thaddeus Ross that is. We have a different Ross now. Anyways, she was sent here to make sure that Rogers didn’t fuck up again. She was also to make reports on what the group was doing. How you responded to things, what you did in your day to day life,” he continued. “That sort of thing.”

“So, she was acting like a good little spy for the Accords?” Clint asked. He blinked in surprise. Ichigo nodded with a smirk. “Do you know what she might have said about me?”

“That you were not acting like you should have been. And you hadn’t since you had been in contact with Maximoff and her brother.” Ichigo shifted, uncrossing and then re-crossing his legs. “Tell me: Do snipers and assassins usually feel guilt over those that they have lost in the field?” he asked.

Clint’s body went still, eyes wide as he stared at Ichigo. “No. We don’t.”

“And yet, you felt guilt. Natasha raised a good question about how many of your actions were your own and how many of them were Maximoff’s manipulation. It raised questions on just how much she was able to manipulate and who she has manipulated,” Ichigo stated.

“And that’s why we’re all gettin’ checked,” he said. Ichigo nodded. “Does...does Laura know of any of this?” he asked.

“From what I have learned, Laura-san has been writing out her own report on how you were acting after Lagos and you retirement to how you were before,” Ichigo replied. He sat back. “I think that she was ready to hurt whoever it was found to be manipulating you. At least if the screech and cursing that Tony had to heard was any indication,” he admitted.

Clint chuckled before he moaned and rubbed at his head. “Yeah. She’s pretty good at gutting idiots. I’m just glad that we moved when we did. Can you tell me what happened when Nat and Rogers decided to drop all of that info onto the net?” he asked.

“I think from what Fury told us, somehow one of the Hydra dicks had been able to break the encryption on all of the files. When she went to dump the Hydra files, all of the files ended up dumped instead of just the Hydra based ones.” He tapped a nail on his bottom lip. “And unfortunately for all, there was no secondary backup to stop things from getting out,” Ichigo said. “They were lucky that Jarvis-san and Tony-san were still up at the time to get the Iron Legion scrambled to get people out. I believe that the US has finally gathered the last of the agents who are still living.”

Clint let out a gusty breath. “Why didn’t they call him in the first place? I sure as hell would have. I don’t really like the masks that he puts out, but even I know for anything tech like, he’s the best for shit like this,” he said.

“She admits that she let it be Rogers call. Apparently, he didn’t even think about talking to Tony, but she was able to send Tony a message. Thus, why he was able to get things done as fast as he did,” Ichigo told him. “Unfortunately, setting up a program to shift through the files and stop certain ones from getting out does take a bit more than a few hours to set up. Even for a computer genius with an AI that would make people twitchy,” he continued. “To be truthful, I do believe that Rogers has a case of PTSD and small-man syndrome.”

“Small-man syndrome?” Clint asked, brow furrowing.

“I can tell you that before he became Captain America, Rogers was a five foot three, underweight Chihuahua for most of his life because of various issues. This included asthma and a compromised immune system. One habit he has from that time is the very disturbing habit of going toe to toe against all those who he believed were in the wrong about something,” Ichigo said as he sat up. He shook his head. “I’ve seen the unedited, full videos of the interviews by the Howlies about him. He didn’t take no for an acceptable answer if he could.”

Clint groaned as his head dropped back against the pill. “Small-man syndrome. Great,” he drawled.

Ichigo smirked at him. “If the Accords council have their way, Rogers will end up forced into remedial classwork. He needs to get a high school diploma to continue to keep his rank after all…” Clint snorted and shook his head.

“Can I get some more of that tea? I think that I want to write out some things before I fall asleep again,” he said.

Ichigo smiled over his shoulder before he nodded. “I will have some of the tea sent to you along with more papers and pens. I know that Professor Xavier and Dr. Stephen does not want you staring at a screen right now,” he said.

Clint snorted softly. “Don’t think that I’ll be able to do that until I finally get rid of this headache,” he said.

“Only a few more days before we leave Wakanada,” Ichigo promised. He stepped out and looked to the Dora Milaje that stood the side. “I’m sure that you heard our conversation?” he asked.

“The tea will be here in a few minutes along with the requested paper and pens,” she promised, tapping her communications earpiece. Ichigo smiled and bowed to her.

“Thank you for your time,” he said. “I know that it probably is not the most exciting thing to do, staying and watching him for so long.”

“He is not going to move any time soon. And as such, I can catch up on my school reading,” she said, pulling out a Stark smartphone that had a rather large screen on it.

“Oh?” He eyed the phone in her hand. “What are you going for?” he asked, looking to her with some curiosity.

The Dora Milaje, in the short time that Ichigo had been there, were some of the most interesting of those who he wanted to get to know in Wakanda. He liked meeting new people and the people of Wakanda, be they servants who were off for lunch or the ones who followed him around, had a lot of history behind them. He didn’t care, he just wanted to meet them, learn who they were, and how they lived.

It had gotten around that he treated all of them with a deep respect. When Okoye had asked why, he had simply said that he had a woman who had been his master in some of his personal skills.

That and he had admitted to knowing a healer who would smile as she kicked your ass all over the place. The woman were greatly interested in meeting her and he promised that he would get in contact with her to see if she would be willing to meet them. Maybe teach them some of her more brawler-based fighting skills.

She smiled brightly at him. “Art. I am doing graphic design with a connected game and interactive media design major,” she said. “But I am also doing world art history classes. I am absolutely amazed at the type of art that is out there. All so different and amazing. I hope to create games one day though.”

Ichigo beamed at her. “I am more than just sure that you will be amazing. Keep your mind open and the imagination flowing, and keep a willingness to listen to criticism, and take you far,” he said. “And maybe create the first Wakanda game company. The good ones make good money.”

She nodded as her smile grew. “I wish to eventually bring others on and create a company that will use profit that isn’t being put back into the business as donations.”

Ichigo’s smile was soft in return. “I am glad that you are all so willing to fully help the rest of Africa and those that need it. Especially now that you can do so since the isolation has been ended and your country has rejoined the greater world,” he said. The woman blushed, the red deepening the dark cocoa of her skin tone. “I’ll leave you to your reading and work. I think I will head back to my room and read myself,” he mused. “Maybe visit the gardens.”

The woman nodded, stepping back into the room and taking her seat while Ichigo walked out towards the private gardens. Okoye stayed close and watched over him with a bemused look on her face. M’Baku stepped out and nodded to her, letting her leave for the rest of the night.
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