Turnabout Confessions

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Mr. Clint City 2015: Mr. Nunavik  by yaoihuntressearth
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Colored for Res  by yaoihuntressearth
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Artist's comment:
This is one of my first true and finished yaoi fanfics.

The idea came to me while playing the fourth case in the original game where my muse whispered that maybe there's more the Manfred's hold over Edgeworth.
Content details:
• ??? – Mid-age
• ??? – Old
• ??? – Young Adult
• Category – Literature
• Critique – Optional
• Series – Not Applicable/Other
• Theme – Angst
• Time Taken – Who knows?
• Tools – Literary Work – Prose/Stories
Posted on 2020-08-23 @ 9:15 PM
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