Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road chapter 1

Chapter 1

A year has passed since the very last clone of Kyo been dismissed. Finally, this Kusanagi hoped that he would never need to hear a word ‘NESTS’ ever again, because it brings too much of painful memories - his pride stripped-off so easily and being used as a toy in someone’s dirty hands for nefarious purposes, so close of losing Yagami…it was just a beginning of the list why he despised this organization so much and wished that there no traces left of it. However, how naive this brunette was and soon he would pay the price for such a innocent thoughts.

It was an ordinary evening and nothing seem to be standing out. After long time in shower this brunette crashes into bed like a log, quickly fall asleep. However, couple hours has passed and in the middle of the night, Kyo’s vibrating phone awakes him from his slumber. He was still half asleep and didn’t show any desire to roll towards the night table side to see, who was this annoying person, and now just silently curses. He just lies in bed, trying to doze out while this goddamn phone does not give him a rest. Anyway, whatever it is, it can wait until morning, or so this brunette murmured. After awhile of ignoring this pesky fellow it finally was silent. This Kusanagi could finally peacefully sleep.

However, couple minutes passed and this cursed phone briefly vibrates again. That’s it! It was the last drop of his patience. Now he slowly rolls towards night table and with his arm reaches for his phone. Maybe if he removes battery, he can rest, or so hoped this brunette. However, before removing the lid of back side, he checked the screen. It was a missed call from Shingo and couple texts from him. It seems that his disciple was asking to hang out. In the middle of the night? Shingo of all people? It can’t be right and something was very fishy about it…

This brunette double-checks if it is his disciple’s number, but it was. Kyo just deeply exhales and he didn’t like anything about this at all. However, while still having a grain of faith that maybe there is nothing wrong, he texts back ‘What are you talking about? Check the time, idiot. Go to sleep!’. No answer. A minute has passed and he received a sinister reply ‘C’mon, don’t be a bore, Kusanagi-san. There is something I need to show you. So, I’ll see you in 30 mins in arcade, you know which one…’ and then he received a well detailed address ‘See you soon!♥~ PS. Come alone, we don’t want unwanted guests to ruin all the fun, do we?’. Kyo frowns - it wasn’t his disciple and whoever writes him, will pay for this! This brunette didn’t think a second thought and immediately jumps from bed and after switching light on quickly dresses up. There was no time to contact anyone else, even if probably this Yabuki’s life was in great danger. And so, while putting on his white coat, he rushed to towards given address.

After a half hour, he reached the destination point. Kyo was already out of breath after running all this time. However, there were no one around, it was empty street. No sign of Yabuki or anyone else, only cold wind and moonlight were the only company for this young man. Now this brunette nervously looks around and speaks up ‘‘I know that you are here. Show yourself already!’’, but he received no answer, only wind rustles his hair. Kyo could sense how the intense was lingering in the air, even so, he repeats ‘‘If you have guts to go against weaker ones, then have it to face me! You want me, aren’t you?!’’.

However, this Kusanagi’s heartbeat becomes more frequent when the dark silhouette was approaching him. Eventually, he recognizes who it was and Kyo was alerted. While he was in defensive position, this person replies in calm yet menacing tone ‘‘You don’t need to be loud. I can hear you just fine.’’, despite this Kusanagi ignites his hand in front of his foe while giving a furious look. Nevertheless, his look-alike, who wore a certain blue uniform, replies "And this is such a warm welcome from our original for ya...". It was the last drop of Kyo's patience and now he grabs his clone's shirt collar and growls while keeping his burning hand in front of him "Where is Shingo?! I'll make sure you'll pay for everything you have to him!".

Despite being threaten like that, this replica only chuckles and mockingly replies "Calm down, big bro, mmmkay? I have no idea what are you talking about. But you should take care of yourself first~" now this clone bends his knee and kicks into the guts of this Kusanagi. He just fells on his knees and rolls into the ball as his face was twisting in pain. All he could do is hissing at his opponent "You bastard..." now he tried to stand up, however, his effort was in vain. His look-alike stomps on Kyo's back as he was a mere bug and keeps him under his control.

Even so, this Kusanagi tries to get up one more time, despite being crushed several times, this look-alike says between stepping " don't need to act like this. We finally met and you're already ruining the fun~ I can't believe that we were made after such a weakling.". This replicate so delightfully picks something from his pants’ pocket. It was a familiar phone, with which this imitation plays in his palm. Of course, Kyo was surprised yet all he could do is groan as he shakily fails to reach it with his hand.

However, Kyo’s clone so proudly as a child successfully pulled a prank claims ‘‘Oh? and this little thingie? Well, that it belonged to one stupid kid. That’s right, I had no problems to ‘borrow’ this for awhile while this dumbass was looking away. But surprise surprise, when I was checking contacts and texts, there was pretty interesting number in contacts saved as ‘Kusanagi-san’. *sigh* Who knew that this precious ‘Kusanagi-san’ is the same one, who gave life to us. To be honest, I never thought that our original would be a lousy idiot as well…’’.

Once he was about to add something, he was interrupted by another similar voice in annoyed tone ‘‘…Then it explains why you are so dumb and lazy.’’. Apparently, it was another clone who was casually walking closer behind Kyo’s back. This one wore a familiar uniform, but instead of blue it was brown one. After carefully observing his original, this other duplicate kneels near him and sighs. He wasn’t really pleased and shakes his head, now he saying in calm tone ‘‘Maybe I was expecting too much of you, but, oh well…’’ and carelessly shrug his shoulders. This imitation frowns and says in sad tone while starring at this Kusanagi ‘‘Hey, big bro, it’s your fault that we are given a life, which we didn’t asked for. How about it’s time to take some responsibility for your actions? So, let’s see who is really a freak and deserve to die or live…’’.

This doppelgander stands up and addresses clone in blue ‘‘Hey, do you think that it was worth? Just look at him…Should we barbeque roast him and take over his spot? At least ruining his personal life should teach a lesson or two.’’, he just impatiently waits for the answer while holding his hands in pants’ pockets.

While the imitation in blue smiles as Cheshire Cat, he answers in nearly singing voice "I don't think so~ How about we figure out how much he is oh-so-original? Besides, maybe the others would like to play with him?". Other clone was alerted when original one was trying to escape by crawling away. Now he rolls his eyes and bends down. After climbing on top of Kyo, he crosses this brunette’s arms behind his back and now while holding his wrists with one hand, he presses this Kusanagi’s face against the cold pavement.

However, the doppelgander in brown uniform lift his one eye-brow and sarcastically points out to other clone ‘‘And letting escaping him first was part of your plan, right?’’. Of course, this spitting image in blue clicks his tongue and backfires ‘‘Do you think that he would run far away? Anyway, let’s give him a nice trip and introduce him to the rest of the family. I bet it would be also a good birthday surprise for big bro ‘Nagi…Maybe then he would finally calm down.’’ and now he removes his headband. After he kneels, the other imitation grabs Kyo’s scalp and yanks his head up and wraps around his headband around this Kusanagi’s eyes. While clone in brown uniform holds Kyo’s wrists together, clone in blue moves his hand on his archetype’s right side of hips and removes the chain from Kyo’s jeans.

After tying up original’s wrists with this accessory, he hears how this look-alike addresses him and passes his headband ‘‘Hey, just in case, if he starts to cry for help. I’m too tired to deal again with one yelling idiot, ‘kay?’’, now he nods and ties his original’s mouth with it. Once he was done, other clone with-draws from this Kusanagi, he throws him over his shoulder and stands up. And thus, these clones departures with their newly found toy. This Kusanagi decided to patiently endure this pain and humiliation of being defeated. After all, if there is more of these pesky clones left, once he frees himself from restraints, he would dispose them and surely, Yagami would own him a good explanation. Heck, he better be preparing him an enormous feast too for all these troubles as a small compensation.
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Artist's comment:
[Originally posted on AO3 and on 2020/06/22 and last updated on 2020/09/01]

Summary: <...>...This imitation frowns and says in sad tone while starring at this Kusanagi ‘‘Hey, big bro, it’s your fault that we are given a life, which we didn’t asked for. How about it’s time to take some responsibility for your actions? So, let’s see who is really a freak and deserve to die or live…’’...<...>
One day clones meets their archetype by an accident. How this encounter end? Read and find out.

Fandom: King of Fighters

Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Kyo-1(Mero), Kyo-2(Hoki), Kusanagi, Iori Yagami

Genre: Clones, Angst, Drama, Alcohol, Pyromancy, Suggestive themes, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Hospitalization

: Complete(7 chapters in total)

Chapter 1

Next chapterr~ Chapter 2


Credit: This photo was made by Ryan Bruce····le+flame
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• Category – Literature
• Category – Video Games
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kyo-1
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kyo-2
• Series – K – King of Fighters – Kyo Kusanagi
• Theme – N/A
• Theme – Slash
• Theme – Slice of Life
• Time Taken – 4-8 days
• Tools – Literary Work – Prose/Stories
Posted on 2020-09-14 @ 11:06 AM
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