-old- Rice and Snails
by yamhan

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Brothers  by yamhan
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Augustus and Alban  by yamhan
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Artist's comment:
Gohan and Dende.
From like 2011?
A place for DBZ fans to gather and share their art and stories. The content here will also be posted on Boxer & Rice which is our official back up archive.

Thank You  by Xenocracy and Truhania
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One Last Kiss  by Xenocracy and Truhania
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Content details:
• ??? – Teen Senior
• Category – Fan Art
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – D – Dragonball (all series)
• Series – D – Dragonball (all series) – Gohan
• Theme – Shounen-ai/Soft core
• Time Taken – Who knows?
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Photoshop
Posted on 2020-09-14 @ 1:59 PM
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thank you :3
# Posted on 2020-09-16 @ 8:58 PM
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