Wild Flowers

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Night without nightmare 2  by Chrysonoe
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Training 1  by Chrysonoe
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Artist's comment:
Trevor found some wild flowers while he was hunting - a great gift for his lover!
Handsome safe-for-work art doesn't always get the love it deserves. If your characters are fully-clothed and not being blatantly sexual or violent, they are welcomed. Romance is okay! Everyone is welcome to submit.
[Commission] Sleeby Makoharu  by pirta
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[BNHA spoilers] Black whip  by pirta
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Content details:
• ??? – Young Adult
• Category – Fan Art
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filter – N/A
• Series – C – Castlevania – Alucard
• Series – C – Castlevania – Trevor C. Belmont
• Theme – Romance
• Theme – Shounen-ai/Soft core
• Time Taken – 8-12 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Clip Studio Paint
Posted on 2020-09-17 @ 4:16 AM
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Posted comments
My, that's such a sweet moment! ^^ and now instantly thought about the Castlevania radio-drama(yup, if I'm not mistaken it was called Akumajo Dracula Nocturne of Recollection). Yup, in that radio-drama there was a peaceful moment when Alucard has made a flower-crown(from what I remember, he tried to make sure no one would find out that he made one as surprise gift). So, nice work as usual! and surely, it was like nice reference to that radio-drama
Ah, and btw, if you want to listen to this radio-drama, which now, thank to one person, now has English subs ^^, let me know and I could give a yt link to listen(cos I don't think you can directly throw links here and there. So, yeah, just drop a message to this nerd then)
# Posted on 2020-09-17 @ 4:57 PM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2020-09-17 @ 5:11 PM
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