Vampire's Kiss chapter 16

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Vampire's Kiss chapter 15  by Minachan95
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Vampire's Kiss chapter 17  by Minachan95
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Artist's comment:
Vampire's Kiss chapter 16. Unreachable Sin part 7

My, oh my! Time surely passes so quick, isn't? xD So, didn't noticed how Vampire Killer is now 1 year old ^^ (June 1st) So, surely, to this very day this project is the one I'm proud the most as well as enjoying working on it. W-well, I wanted to prepare something special for this anniversary, but hopefully this should be enough to celebrate this occasion! >///<' My, to be honest, if it wasn't for recent discovery of Noel's theme song (Bullet Dance) having a vocal version...Oh dear, and it was vocals of Calamity Trigger version! -//^//- (aaaah~ I think that once again I'm in love with Daisuke Ishiwatari's music...again *siigh* too bad there were no vocal for Catus Carnival, but Rebelion and Under Heaven's Destruction were good too!!!!) So, now ''Love so Blue ~Blue Heartbeats~'' is responsible that this chapter is like it is now.
Anyhoo, and thus along with adding a new tag, I hope you enjoy this chapter as well and I do hope to see you even on 2nd anniversary ^^

...Love so Blue~<...>... My, can't get this song out of my head x///D *sigh* why am I still blushing like a fresh-year student in college? I have written smut with nearly poker-face like it's nothing yet a more touching moment and now being a melted mass of goo? Oh dear...Anyway, I need to cool my mind and now I'm going to revive another forgotten project. That's right twin drama gonna return with 2 Kyos story, cos damn, I missed this one T^T and now wondering if I improved, even if it is a tiny bit since last time updating it. Anyway, as usual - See you next time!~

1st Chapter~ Chapter 1

Previous Chapter~ Unreachable Sin. Part 6

Next Chapter~ Unreachable Sin. Part 8
For all your vampire needs!
Vampire's Kiss chapter 15  by Minachan95
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Sakamaki Subaru sketch  by Raburabusama
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Posted on 2020-09-22 @ 6:39 AM
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