Broken Finger

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Ssh.  by Grimmalkin
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Artist's comment:
Ob's a mixed-race kid.

He has an absent and infamous mother he's really pissed about being related to, a father he has a complicated and loving relationship with who is slowly dying of Wizard Ebola, a beloved caretaker he grew up hoping was his biomom (who died alone and probably in horrible conditions from the disease that's eating his dad), and a casually racist legal mom and first-wave "woke" older half-sister who are doing what they can to keep the on-world estate running "normally" in spite of the plague outside.

Most of this wasn't discussed with Ob until his adult plumage came in at Boarding school, and he was so horrified at the color he plucked it all out -- which unfortunately gave him the scabbed and balding appearance of an early stage Plague-bearer, so he was put under quarantine till his older sister received his frantic letters and hit the roof.

She put him on the first off-planet shuttle she could, arranged for him to live with his biomother's brother indefinitely. He was about 15, and SO not prepared for the culture shock. His uncle, Jehdares....was. He was a long-time friend of Ob's father, and had kind of prepared for his nephew to be sent to him once his baby-fluff fell out...but never with such speed or lack of preparation. And certainly not with his old friend writing to him from self-isolation in a tower on the estate, awaiting the inevitable.

Ob adapted by violently shedding and rejecting everything he could about being Avian. He got into fights he actually started this time -- and then started dating his Cloven and half-Cloven bullies. He came out of the closet by getting someone to launch him through it bodily, dusted himself off, and resolved to make constantly standing out work for him by being an obnoxious asshole.

And then this weird, quiet homeless kid appeared out of nowhere and started doing the laundry at Ob's then-boyfriend's place. And like. Leaving little tokens and shit. It took Ob forever to figure out that the kid was literally living in this trashy poncho Ob won in an Aether-tag match, and that's why he seemed to show up wherever Ob went.

It took Ob a while to figure out a lot of things. Including how obviously stupid he was for the laundry goblin who was always patching him up and hiding a salty little sassmonster under the gentle smile and speech impediment.

Created c. 2015 and probably posted on Tumblr for Inktober or something. Using reference is not cheating - man I wish I'd learned that earlier.
Content details:
• Category – Original
• Critique – Optional
• Filter – N/A
• Series – Original
• Theme – Worshipping
• Theme – Body hair/Hairy
• Theme – Friendship/Platonic
• Theme – Humour
• Theme – Medical/Doctor
• Theme – Romance
• Theme – Shounen-ai/Soft core
• Theme – Supernatural/Fantasy
• Theme – Underwear
• Theme – Size Difference
• Time Taken – 4-8 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Clip Studio Paint
Posted on 2020-09-22 @ 9:28 AM
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