Spacecaster Fellow
by Ka1dus

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Grin the Jester  by Ka1dus
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Artist's comment:
Drew Clancy Gilroy from The Midnight Gospel - give it a watch, it is very unusual and opens your mind. @[email protected]
Rub all the little boy peenies together~ :love:
Pixiv - HicceArs - Picarto - Toyhouse
Content details:
• ??? – Mid-age
• Category – 2D
• Category – Fan Art
• Critique – Optional
• Series – Not Applicable/Other
• Theme – Alternate Universe
• Theme – Sci-Fi
• Theme – Supernatural/Fantasy
• Time Taken – 2-4 hours
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Paint Tool SAI
• Tools – Digital – 2D – Paint.NET
Posted on 2020-08-23 @ 10:30 PM
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Bobby, 'd you do me a favor? by AndiLirium
Bobby, 'd you do me a favor?
by AndiLirium
Ka1dus: Who should I draw more of?
George Dufont (a couple)
Qii (a couple)
Fanart (a couple)
Hector Muse (a couple)
Teddy Gonzo (one)
Moffle (one)
Felix Reinhardt (one)
Ravi (one)
Decimus (one)
Biskit the Goblin (one)
Eggbert / Behbeh (one)
Splint (one)
Other (Leave a comment!) (none)
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